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03 September 1999

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09 Nov 2023 ~ 09 Nov 2023



FEALAC World Tsunami Awareness Day

FEALAC World Tsunami Awareness Day was organized to raise awareness about the devastating impact of tsunamis and to promote disaster risk mitigation within the youth community in Ponorogo, Indonesia. By commemorating this day, we aim to encourage greater collaboration, share knowledge, and enhance youth resilience to mitigate the risks associated with tsunami.

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28 Oct 2023 ~ 31 Oct 2023



FEALAC Journalist Visit Program 2023 - Post-Event Program in Indonesia

Capitalizing on FEALAC Journalists' Visit Program (JVP) organized annually by the Government of Singapore, Indonesia has invited FEALAC JVP 2023 participants to a post-event program in Jakarta. This initiative offers firsthand experiences of Indonesia's culture, history, political landscape, democracy, press freedom, and thriving economy. Through engagement with fellow journalists, this exchange enhances comprehension and strengthens regional bonds, fostering global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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09 Jul 2023 ~ 13 Jul 2023

Bandung, Indonesia


FEALAC Youth Summit 2023: Contributions for Climate Actions

1. To foster a greater public awareness regarding the existence and importance of FEALAC, including the use of FEALAC as an Indonesia’s foreign policy instrument in the East Asia and Latin America regions. 2. To follow up Indonesia’s commitment and initiative made in FEALAC Day 2022 i.e. to hold FEALAC Youth Summit 2023 as an avenue for second track diplomacy to stimulate FEALAC’s process through people-to-people contact. 3. To conduct a discourse on climate change and climate actions from young people’s point of views in FEALAC countries, in order to garner best practices and constructive inputs on climate change mitigations, as well as to incite a wider awareness on the impact of climate change to the economy and society

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Feb ~ Apr

FEALAC Youth Center, Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia/ Online, Jakarta, Indonesia


FEALAC Youth Center : Enabling the Potentials, Connecting Creativity

1) The objective of the project is to increase public awareness on the FEALAC Youth Center and FEALAC Youth Forum as a collaborative forum between young people from East Asia and Latin America Regions 2) The project contributed to achieving the purpose and key objectives of FEALAC by boosting the awareness on FEALAC Youth Center among youth from both regions.

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22 Sep 2022 ~ 22 Sep 2022

Combined(Virtual&Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia)


FEALAC Day 2022

As the Co-Chair of the CYGS Working Group, this event was aimed to encourage young people and students to participate in order to raise awareness of and passion about FEALAC, including the use of digital platforms and social media as promotional media. Moreover, this project is also aimed to formalize the cooperation between the MoFA and the International Relations Student Association or FKMHII under the mechanism of FEALAC by the signing of a Letter of Intent. Beyond that, collaboration with the provincial government of West Java has also been fortified.

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08 Sep 2021 ~ 08 Sep 2021



FEALAC DAY 2021: Recover Together, Recover Stronger

A virtual discussion between the government and business actors to discuss logistics issues as the impact of the pandemic that has the potential to disrupt the global supply chain and economic recovery.

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16 Oct 2020 ~ 16 Oct 2020

Jakarta (Virtual)


FEALAC Day “Enhancing Women Entrepreneurship In The Midst Of Covid-19: stories from Indonesia and Latin America”

As it is understood, women are one of the groups most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the findings of the Indonesian Ministry of Child and Women's Protection, more than 50% of MSME actors are women. Meanwhile, according to the Bank Indonesia (BI) Survey in June 2020, as many as 72.6% of MSME players experienced a decline in sales, difficulty in raw materials, and difficulty in capital during the pandemic. The discussion will involve women entrepreneurs who will discuss how women develop their businesses, take advantage of new demand along with changes in people's behavior, including being more active in using digital platforms as a step to do business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to disseminating the existence of FEALAC to Indonesian women entrepreneurs, this activity is expected to be able to help young women entrepreneurs to maintain and develop their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, this activity is also expected to encourage international cooperation among FEALAC member countries so that they can consistently support women entrepreneurship.

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ASEAN+FEALAC Seaport Interdiction Workshop

The Objectives of the Meeting are: 1. To strengthen networking of anti-drug agencies among FEALAC member countries; 2. To intensify information and intelligence sharing and coordination among seaport interdiction units within ASEAN and FEALAC member countries; 3. To organize and conduct capacity building activities on drug law enforcement cooperation; 4. To formulate joint activities to address the priority areas identified under the scope of cooperation; 5. To initiate cross-sectoral cooperation with other agencies such as immigration, customs, border security within FEALAC with a view to intercepting the smuggling of drugs through sea routes; 6. To coordinate and share experience cross-border investigation.

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01 Jul 2016 ~ 30 Sep 2016



FEALAC Journalist Visit Program 2016

Journalists or sosial media savvy/prominence (bloggers, youtubers) from FEALAC member countries are cordinally invited to visit Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali and additionally also Yogyakarta). Aim is to : - Raise Public Awareness about Indonesia’s foreign policy in terms of FEALAC; - Enhance Public Awareness about Indonesia’s Tourism in Latin America and East Asia; - Enhance Networking between Journalists of FEALAC Member Countries.

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18 Sep 2015 ~ 18 Sep 2015

Bandung, West Java Province


Indonesia FEALAC Youth Conference(IFYC) 2015

• The theme of IFYC 2015 is “Empowering the Atlantic-Pacific Net”. • IFYC 2015 aims to unite FEALAC Youth to connect, collaborate, and co-create. • The Conference is inspired by the the emergence of East Asian and Latin American nations in FEALAC to enhance the youth entrereneurship spirit across the regions. • IFYC 2015 will be held in Bandung (West Java Province), a city of historical significance renowned for its sustinable youth revolutions and Asian-African conference histories in Merdeka Building where the Public Conference and the monumental FEALAC Youth Declaration will take place. Indonesia as the host country of IFYC 2015 prepares eminent speakers to engage with all delegates in series of workshop, panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, Youth Leaders’ Dialogue, and a site visit/city tour to the industrial center of micro, small and medium enterprises in West Java in order to empower youth character and entrepreneurial spirit creatively in outline and in the context of marine power and potentials that all FEALAC member states share. • Accommodation, food, and local transportation in Indonesia will be provided throughout the event. However, the participants are expected to cover their own travel and personal expenses. Twitter: @fealacyouth Facebook:

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12 Jun 2013 ~ 12 Jun 2013



2nd Meeting of International Cooperation Officials

In line with current FEALAC's development, the South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) emerges as a model for global partnership for development." " Considering the growing activities from FEALAC members countries in the field of SSTC and the Buenos Aires Declaration 2011 which underlined urgency to continue working on bi-regional agenda with strong coordination between the two regions, the Government of Indonesia willo rganize !**!The 2nd Meeting of International Cooperation Officials of FEALAC Countries: Bi-Regional Dialogues on International Cooperation." " The Meeting is aimed to promote Country-Led Knowledge Hubs in the context of SSTC among both regions. Its is expected that FEALAC member countries could introduce and discuss their potentials as Country-Led Knowledge Hubs in area which they have comparative advantage. " " The meeting will further discuss aspects of building Country-Led Knowledge Hubs such as institutional strengthening, exchange of knowledge, coordination, bilateral and triangular cooperation, sustainable engagement an funding, as well as monitoring and evaluation

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19 Nov 2012 ~ 23 Nov 2012

Jakarta, Bandung and Depok


FEALAC Film Festival 2012

FFF 2012 aims at bringing together people from film industry (actors/actresses, producers, writers, directors, etc) and academicians on one forum to share their knowledge and expertise, while at the same time finding ways to cooperate closely not only in film, but also in creative industry." " FFF 2012 will create an increased understanding about culture, values, nature, and social condition of the FEALAC Member Countries. It will give a broader knowledge to the society about what is FEALAC and what FEALAC can do to its people. "

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