22nd FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2024

Virtual, Lao PDR, 05 Mar 2024

22nd FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting Held virtually on March 5, 2024

21st FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2021

Virtual, Lao PDR, 30 Nov 2021

21st FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting Held virtually on November 30, 2021

Extraordinary Senior Officials' Meeting 2020

Video Conference, Dominican Republic, 26 Nov 2020

Extraordinary Senior Officials' MeetingNovember 26th, 2020 via Video Conference hosted by the Dominican Republic

20th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2019

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 08 Nov 2019

20th Senior Officials' Meeting November 8th, 2019 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

19th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2018

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 19 Nov 2018 ~ 22 Nov 2018

19th Senior Officials' Meeting November 21, 2018 in Vientiane, Lao PDR Agenda1. Opening remarks by Regional Coordinators (Lao PDR & Guatemala)2. Adoption of Agenda3. Consideration of Working Group Reports4. The New FEALAC Action Plan5. Report on FEALAC Cyber Secretariat's Activities and Future Plans6. Welcoming the Next Latin American Regional Coordinator and Report on the Next FEALAC Official Meeting7. Other Matters8. Approval of the 19th SOM Report 9. Closing Remarks by Regional Coordinators (Lao PDR & Guatemala) 

18th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2017

Busan, Korea, 30 Aug 2017

1. Senior Officials’ Meeting: Session 1 – (1) Opening Remarks by Regional Coordinators (2) Adoption of Agenda (3) Consideration of Working Group Reports & Improving WG Operation (4) Coffee Break (5) Schedules & Logistics for the 8th FEALAC FMM (6) The 8th FEALAC FMM deliverables (FEALAC Fund, FEALAC New Action Plan, Busan Declaration) 2. Official Lunch for the Senior Official Meeting Leaders 3. Senior Officials’ Meeting: Session 2 – (1) FEALAC Cyber Secretariat’s activities and future plans (2) Schedules for other 2017-2018 FEALAC Meetings (including calendar) (3) Agenda items requiring further discussion and other matters (4) Designation of incoming Regional Coordinators and WG Co-chairs (5) Coffee Break (6) Approval of the 18th SOM Report (7) Closing Remarks by Regional Coordinators

FEALAC Ad-hoc Senior Officials' Meeting 2016

Seoul, Korea, 01 Dec 2016

2016 FEALAC Ad-hoc Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM)December 1, 2016 in Seoul, KoreaAgenda1. Adoption of the Agenda2. FEALAC Fund3. New FEALAC Action Plan4. Way Ahead5. Other Matters6. Adoption of the ad-hoc SOM Report

17th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2016

Guatemala City, Guatemala, 26 Aug 2016

17th Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM XVII)August 26, 2016 in Guatemala City, GuatemalaAgenda1. Opening remarks by the Co-Chairs(Guatemala-Korea) of the Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation –FEALAC2. Endorsement of the Agenda3. Information about the status of the different cooperation projects, activities and future plans, given by the Cyber-Secretariat.4. Reports of the different working groups5. Dialogue about the contribution of FEALAC to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.6. Towards a more dynamic FEALAC7. Preparation of the VIII Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of FEALAC8. Calendars of future meetings of FEALAC 2016-20179. Designation of the new Regional Coordinators and Co-Chairs of the Working Groups10. Other matters11. Approval of the report of the XVII SOM12. Closing of the Meeting by the Co-Chairs: Guatemala and Korea13. Official Photo

16th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2015

San Jose, Costa Rica, 20 Aug 2015

16th Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM XVI)August 20, 2015 in San José, Costa RicaI SESSION1. Welcoming remarks pronounced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship and SOM Leader of Costa Rica, Mr. Alejandro Solano Ortiz.2. Remarks pronounced by H.E. Norachit Sinhaseni, Permanent Secretary, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.3. Approval of the Agenda4. Preparation for the VII FMM: Review of the Agenda of the VII FMM5. Consideration of the Working Groups Reports:6. Election of the new Co-Chairs of Working Groups7. “Guideline for the FEALAC Working Process".8. FEALAC Cyber Secretariat´s Activities and Future Plans.9. Discussion on FEALAC Regional Projects/Proposals Pending and New Proposals: “FEALAC PROJECT REVIEW SURVEY”.10. Preliminary consideration of the Latin America and East Asia Financial Organization and InstitutionsII SESSION11. Declaration of San José, Costa Rica Adoption of Guideline for FEALAC Working Process12. Guideline for the use of the FEALAC Logo.13. Adoption of the FEALAC XVI SOM Report.

15th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting 2014

Bangkok, Thailand, 22 Aug 2014

15th FEALAC Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM XV)August 22, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand AgendaOpening Remarks by Thailand (East Asia SOM Co-Chair)Remarks by Costa Rica (Latin America SOM Co-Chair)Session I1. Adoption of the Agenda2. Overview of the Development of FEALAC3. Status and Election of Working Group Co-Chairs4. Consideration of the Working Groups Reports5. Report of the FEALAC Side Events a. Tourism Activities b. FEALAC Business Forum c. FEALAC Academic/STI RoundtableSession II6. Review and Implementation of Bi-Regional and Other FEALAC Projects a. FEALAC University Network b. Establishment of a Bi-Regional Development Center for SMEs c. Proposal of New Bi-Regional Project and Other Projects7. Exchange of Views on Regional Development in East Asia and Latin America8. Future Direction 8.1 Discussion on the Improvement of Work Process and the Strengthening of Cyber Secretariat 8.2 How to Better Connect FEALAC Countries to Better Reflect Dynamism of the two Regions9. Schedule for Future FEALAC Meetings10. Any Other Matters11. Adoption of the SOM XV Report