STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 01 Aug 2021 ~ 01 Aug 2022

FEALAC University Discovery Year (FUDY)

The FEALAC University Discovery Year (FUDY) Programme welcomes semester exchange and short-term exchange students from FEALAC member country universities to apply to University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) to enrol in its non-graduating ptrogrammes. In addition to semester exchanges under FUDY, UBD welcomes FEALAC member university students to join our short- term summer programme known as the Global Discovery Programme (GDP) which runs every year in June/July/August. The programme is creit bearing and is designed to offer international students an opportunity to experience student-life in this culture-rich kingdom, in an academic setting which is stimulating, challenging and progressive. Further information here:


“Juntos!!” Japan-Latin America and Caribbean Exchange Program Alumni Event

Alumni of “Juntos!!” program who participated in 2018 and 2019 gathered online and held alumni event to discuss to promote good relations between Japan and LAC countries and to deepen mutual understanding.


Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for Better Connection

During the 9th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Dominican Republic, the Ministers recognized the need for revitalizing the institutional framework through a more dynamic cooperation and closer coordination amongst its working groups and projects to promote greater visibility of FEALAC1. In this context, the Republic of Korea along with the Cyber Secretariat held the “Voices of Young FEALAC” event, which is the presentation contest participating Korean university students to propose means and strategies to promote better cooperation between two regions and enhance the awareness of FEALAC. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recruited total of 13 teams (each team comprised of 2-3 people) who are interested in the cooperation between East Asia and Latin America, and assigned a theme of “discovering new ideas for FEALAC’s better connection and its cooperation projects” as a topic for their presentations. During the contest, participants presented creative and novel ideas for cooperation in diverse fields such as public health, climate change, infrastructure, education, cultural and people to people exchange.


FEALAC Day “Enhancing Women Entrepreneurship In The Midst Of Covid-19: stories from Indonesia and Latin America”

As it is understood, women are one of the groups most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the findings of the Indonesian Ministry of Child and Women's Protection, more than 50% of MSME actors are women. Meanwhile, according to the Bank Indonesia (BI) Survey in June 2020, as many as 72.6% of MSME players experienced a decline in sales, difficulty in raw materials, and difficulty in capital during the pandemic. The discussion will involve women entrepreneurs who will discuss how women develop their businesses, take advantage of new demand along with changes in people's behavior, including being more active in using digital platforms as a step to do business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to disseminating the existence of FEALAC to Indonesian women entrepreneurs, this activity is expected to be able to help young women entrepreneurs to maintain and develop their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, this activity is also expected to encourage international cooperation among FEALAC member countries so that they can consistently support women entrepreneurship.

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 01 Oct 2020 ~ 16 Dec 2020

Difusión de la cultura colombiana a través de la enseñanza del español

El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores implementa la iniciativa de Difusión de la cultura colombiana a través de la enseñanza del español, la cual consiste en ofrecer cursos de español a Gobiernos de países no hispanohablantes para capacitar a sus servidores públicos y promover acercamientos culturales en el ámbito bilateral. A través de la iniciativa no solo se promueve la enseñanza del español sino la diversificación geográfica y temática de la agenda exterior colombiana permitiendo visibilizar a Colombia como un país con una amplia oferta en materia cultural. La ejecución de la iniciativa se adelanta con recursos provenientes de la Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación Internacional de Colombia –APC. La oferta de cursos tiene un carácter presencial, no obstante y en atención a la coyuntura actual derivada de la declaratoria de Pandemia del COVID -19, se consideró oportuno modificar el ofrecimiento para la presente vigencia y realizarlos en modalidad virtual.


26th Course on Mexican Foreign Policy for Latin American And Caribbean Diplomats

Participants wsill achieve knowledge of the principles of Mexico's foreign policy, its historical evolution and its link to national affairs. Since 1995, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, through its Diplomatic Academy, the Matias Romero Institute, has been organizing a course on Mexican Foreign Policy for Latin American and Caribbean diplomats. For 2020 edition, the course consists of conferences given by renowned academics and senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other areas of the government.

TITM ICON PROJECT YEAR : 15 May 2020 ~ 17 Dec 2020

FEALAC Supporters program

With the aim of promoting visibility of FEALAC in Republic of Korea, FEALAC Supporters program was initiated to serve as an effective instrument to advertise the importance of FEALAC. FEALAC Supporters, comprised of 36 Korean citizens who are interested in FEALAC regions, is utilizing online platform, which can reach out to more diverse population about FEALAC's importance and relevance for Korea's foreign policy.

STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 26 Jan 2020 ~ 03 Feb 2020

”Juntos!!”Japan-Latin America and the Caribbean Exchange Program for the group of Caricom

Japan launched "Juntos!!" program to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and LAC countries and to encourage understandings of vaious aspects of Japan among the paticipants. In 2020, MOFA organized program for promoting understanding of Japan.

STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 09 Dec 2019 ~ 16 Dec 2019

”Juntos!!”Japan-Latin America and the Caribbean Exchange Program for the group of South America

Japan launched "Juntos!!" program to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and LAC countries and to encourage understandings of vaious aspects of Japan among the paticipants. In 2019, considering the need of 5 countries of South America, MOFA organized program for learning Japan's policy against information and communication technology.

TITM ICON PROJECT YEAR : 09 Dec 2019 ~ 11 Dec 2019

13th China-LAC Business Summit

China-LAC Business Summit aims to focus on key issues facing China-LAC business circles in light of broader international economic & trade development trends. Speakers including political leaders, experts, representatives from international organizations and financial institutions, together with entrepreneurs from China and LAC countries, are invited to discuss on China-LAC trade & investment policies and market opportunities. Besides, under the umbrella of the summit, there are also China-LAC City Economic Cooperation Forum, Roundtable Meeting of China-LAC Trade Promotion Organizations, China-LAC Financial Roundtable Meeting, business matchmaking meetings, and LAC National & Regional Exhibitions.