Center for Biodiversity and Drug Discovery

Panama is located in a privileged position among the biodiversity "hot spots" worldwide, which is convenient for carrying out bioprospecting projects that involve the different thematic disciplines of our research center (chemistry, ecology, biotechnology). The beneficiaries of this cooperation would be the students, technicians and scientists who participate in it, as well as their respective institutions. <Expected Outcomes> The results include but are not limited to: trained scientific and technical staff, published scientific articles, manuals preparation, thesis for bachelor and Master Degrees.


2024 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better SPCSDCC Connection



2024 FEALAC University Discovery Year (FUDY)

Provide opportunity for students from FEALAC member country higher learning institution the opportunity to experience life as a student at UBD and learn about Brunei Darussalam and its rich culture.


2024 FEALAC Youth Language & Culture Exchange Program (LCEP)



2024 FEALAC Supporters Program

At the 9th Foreign Ministers' Meeting in the Dominican Republic, greater visibility for FEALAC was identified as a key need, as stated in the Declaration on "Strengthening the Institutional Framework of FEALAC". In response, the Republic of Korea and the Cyber Secretariat developed a Public Relations Program aimed at increasing FEALAC's visibility in Korea. These efforts build on the FEALAC Supporters Program that was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of FEALAC. Comprised mainly of undergraduate and graduate students interested in FEALAC and the two regions, East Asia and Latin America, the FEALAC Supporters have organized various public relations events to introduce FEALAC to the Korean public. Korea aims to enhance FEALAC's visibility in the country and inform a wider audience about FEALAC's significance for Korea's foreign policy by actively using online platforms. To achieve this goal, Korea and the Cyber Secretariat have established popular social media accounts, such as a blog channel, Instagram, and YouTube, as part of the FEALAC Supporters Program.


FEALAC World Tsunami Awareness Day

FEALAC World Tsunami Awareness Day was organized to raise awareness about the devastating impact of tsunamis and to promote disaster risk mitigation within the youth community in Ponorogo, Indonesia. By commemorating this day, we aim to encourage greater collaboration, share knowledge, and enhance youth resilience to mitigate the risks associated with tsunami.

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 28 Oct 2023 ~ 31 Oct 2023

FEALAC Journalist Visit Program 2023 - Post-Event Program in Indonesia

Capitalizing on FEALAC Journalists' Visit Program (JVP) organized annually by the Government of Singapore, Indonesia has invited FEALAC JVP 2023 participants to a post-event program in Jakarta. This initiative offers firsthand experiences of Indonesia's culture, history, political landscape, democracy, press freedom, and thriving economy. Through engagement with fellow journalists, this exchange enhances comprehension and strengthens regional bonds, fostering global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 23 Oct 2023 ~ 27 Oct 2023

21st FEALAC Journalist Visit Programme (JVP)

The JVP is Singapore’s annual national project under the FEALAC umbrella, which brings journalists from Latin America to Singapore, to enhance understanding between both regions at the people-to-people level. To date, Singapore has organised 20 runs of the JVP since 2000, hosting over 110 journalists from Latin America. This is the first run of the JVP after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


2023 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better TITM Connection

In commemoration of FEALAC Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, in its capacity as the Co-chair of the TITM Working Group (Trade, Investment, Tourism, MSMEs), is hosting the event titled '2023 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better TITM Connection,' in collaboration with the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat. The primary objectives of this event are to hear the voices from the FEALAC youth for revitalizing the cooperative regional initiative between East Asia and Latin America, advance the institutionalization of the TITM Working Group, and nurture the next generation of FEALAC leaders. This event marks its second occurrence after the previous '2020 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better Connection.' This idea contest is being participated in by FEALAC Supporters, who have dedicated their efforts to enhance the visibility of FEALAC both domestically and internationally, and who have studied a range of cooperative initiatives and cases from FEALAC member countries. Above all, this year holds special value as they strive to identify methods to enhance the TITM cooperation projects for both East Asian and Latin American countries.

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 18 Aug 2023 ~ 09 Oct 2023

2023 FEALAC Youth Language & Culture Exchange Program (LCEP)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea is pleased to propose the "FEALAC Youth Language & Culture Exchange Program (LCEP)" as a FEALAC regional cooperative project for the year 2023. This initiative, in collaboration with the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat, aims to foster stronger links and solidarity between all member countries by promoting public and cultural diplomacy, as well as people-to-people exchanges. The primary objective of this program is to enhance cultural understanding among the youth of FEALAC member countries in East Asia and Latin America. To ensure the success of this endeavor, FEALAC Regional Projects require the involvement of at least one country from each region. Therefore, we kindly request each FEALAC member country to recommend one to two university students who can participate in the program. The youth participants will have the opportunity to engage in immersive cultural experiences, interact with their counterparts from different countries, and develop a broader perspective of the FEALAC community. Through activities such as language learning, and cultural workshops, the project aims to facilitate meaningful connections and lasting friendships among the youth of East Asia and Latin America.