CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 23 Oct 2023 ~ 27 Oct 2023

21st FEALAC Journalist Visit Programme (JVP)

The JVP is Singapore’s annual national project under the FEALAC umbrella, which brings journalists from Latin America to Singapore, to enhance understanding between both regions at the people-to-people level. To date, Singapore has organised 20 runs of the JVP since 2000, hosting over 110 journalists from Latin America. This is the first run of the JVP after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


4th International Conference on "East Asia-Latin America Research Partners Dialogue" (2023)

The International Conference on "East Asia-Latin America Research Partners Dialogue" is proposed by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and aimed at strengthening dialogues between East Asia and Latin America Research Partners and providing intellectual support for the FEALAC.

SPCSDCC ICON PROJECT YEAR : 14 May 2023 ~ 24 May 2023

2023 "Bridge to the Future" Training Camp for Young Leaders from China and Latin America

"Bridge to the Future" Training Camp for Young Leaders from China and Latin America is an initiative raised by President Xi Jinping during China-Latin America and the Caribbean Summit in 2014. It aims to invite 1000 young leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean countries to seminars, conferences and training camps in China in ten years.

STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 03 Jan 2023 ~ 21 May 2023

FEALAC University Discovery Year (FUDY)

The FEALAC University Discovery Year (FUDY) Programme welcomes semester exchange and short-term exchange students from FEALAC member country universities to apply to University Brunei Darussalam (UBD) to enrol in its non-graduating ptrogrammes. In addition to semester exchanges under FUDY, UBD welcomes FEALAC member university students to join our short- term summer programme known as the Global Discovery Programme (GDP) which runs every year in June/July/August. The programme is creit bearing and is designed to offer international students an opportunity to experience student-life in this culture-rich kingdom, in an academic setting which is stimulating, challenging and progressive. Further information here:

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : May 2023 ~ Sep 2023

2023 FEALAC Supporters Program

At the 9th Foreign Ministers' Meeting in the Dominican Republic, greater visibility for FEALAC was identified as a key need, as stated in the Declaration on "Strengthening the Institutional Framework of FEALAC". In response, the Republic of Korea and the Cyber Secretariat developed a Public Relations Program aimed at increasing FEALAC's visibility in Korea. These efforts build on the FEALAC Supporters Program that was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of FEALAC. Comprised mainly of undergraduate and graduate students interested in FEALAC and the two regions, East Asia and Latin America, the FEALAC Supporters have organized various public relations events to introduce FEALAC to the Korean public. Korea aims to enhance FEALAC's visibility in the country and inform a wider audience about FEALAC's significance for Korea's foreign policy by actively using online platforms. To achieve this goal, Korea and the Cyber Secretariat have established popular social media accounts, such as a blog channel, Instagram, and YouTube, as part of the FEALAC Supporters Program.


3rd China-LAC Local Government Cooperation Forum

China-LAC Local Government Cooperation Forum aims at promoting mutual understanding and pragmatic cooperation, and sharing developmental and administrative experience for the mutual development among local governments of both sides.


2022 FEALAC Talk Concert

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in collaboration with the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat and the FEALAC Supporters planned to hold the 2022 FEALAC Talk Concert with aims to promote public interest and understanding of the culture of Latin America. Since its start in 2020, it marks the 3rd FEALAC Talk Concert.


FEALAC Day 2022

As the Co-Chair of the CYGS Working Group, this event was aimed to encourage young people and students to participate in order to raise awareness of and passion about FEALAC, including the use of digital platforms and social media as promotional media. Moreover, this project is also aimed to formalize the cooperation between the MoFA and the International Relations Student Association or FKMHII under the mechanism of FEALAC by the signing of a Letter of Intent. Beyond that, collaboration with the provincial government of West Java has also been fortified.

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 01 Jun 2022 ~ 02 Dec 2022

2022 FEALAC Supporters Program

During the 9th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Dominican Republic, the Ministers recognized the need for enhancing visibility of FEALAC. In this vein, Republic of Korea and Cyber Secretariat have planned a Public Relations Program that can help advance the visibilities of FEALAC in Korea. The FEALAC Supporters program was first initiated in order to actualize an extensive promotion of FEALAC. In this sense, the FEALAC supporters program has served as an effective instrument to advertise the importance of cooperation between East Asia and Latin America and to increase the public awareness of FEALAC. FEALAC Supporters, comprised of university students who are interested in FEALAC regions, have carried out numerous public relations events to promote FEALAC to Korean public while publishing articles and videos online to increase the exposure of FEALAC in online platform. The FEALAC Supporters also created new social media accounts that are specifically targeted Korean public and produced items in Korean to facilitate the understanding the relevance of FEALAC.


Sharing Thailand’s development experience through webinars

Initiated in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Thailand’s national project, titled “Sharing Thailand’s development experience through webinars” aims to provide holistic knowledge in development issues and tackle common challenges in travel distances and time differences in the FEALAC region through the provision of short-term webinar recordings from Thailand’s Annual International Training Courses (AITC), operated by Thailand International Development Agency (TICA). For 3 consecutive years, Thailand has been offering various AITC webinar recordings related to COVID-19 health measures and management, Public Health, Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP), Climate Change and Environmental Issues, Agriculture and Food Security, and Others to all FEALAC member countries. This national project is not only a part of Thailand’s unceasing contribution to FEALAC but also another evidence of Thailand’s mission to strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In continuation with our project in 2021, this year, Thailand is pleased to offer 5 recordings from 5 AITC webinars to FEALAC member countries in the following topics: 1. Practical Sustainable Technology as a Tool to Tackle the Climate Change (Faculty of Engineering, Chiangmai University) 2. Early Childhood Health Promotion and Health Care Management Beyond COVID-19 Era (Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkhla Univeristy) 3. Sustainable Forest for Poverty Reduction and Food Security in Thailand: “harmonizing local people and forests in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” (Royal Forest Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) 4. The Next Normal with Sustainable Community-based Eco-tourism Development under 4P Model 2022 (Academic Service Center, Burapha University) 5. Food Safety Quality Infrastructure for Market Access for Developing countries (Mekong Institute) Therefore, Thailand wishes to invite all interested member countries to participate in this project and make use of the availability of knowledge in the above-mentioned webinar courses which contain important issues for advancing the FEALAC region and pusing forward FEALAC’s commitment towards the global development agenda.