ASEAN+FEALAC Seaport Interdiction Workshop


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Dec. 31, 2018
Projects in Implementation View
Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description The Objectives of the Meeting are:

1. To strengthen networking of anti-drug agencies among FEALAC member countries;
2. To intensify information and intelligence sharing and coordination among seaport interdiction units within ASEAN and FEALAC member countries;
3. To organize and conduct capacity building activities on drug law enforcement cooperation;
4. To formulate joint activities to address the priority areas identified under the scope of cooperation;
5. To initiate cross-sectoral cooperation with other agencies such as immigration, customs, border security within FEALAC with a view to intercepting the smuggling of drugs through sea routes;
6. To coordinate and share experience cross-border investigation.
Activity Description & Outcome Expected outcomes from the 2-days meeting are:
1. Close and intense cooperation in drug control among member countries;
2. Update contact list of focal points of FEALAC and agency in charge;
3. Increase knowledge and experience of drug situation and best practice on drug control;
4. Sharing of information and data;
5. The ASEAN+FEALAC Seaport Interdiction Workshop shall be the impetus in collaborating, initiating, coordinating interdiction of drug trafficking in ASEAN+FEALAC through seaport international check points.
Participants Member Countries FEALAC Member Countries
Organizations National anti-narcotic drugs agency/Police Department responsible for drug interdiction, suppression, law enforcement, customs, general attorney
Project Contact Point Name Mr. Arief Wicaksono Sudiutomo, Ms Dewi (Ministery of Foreign Affairs)
Position Deputy for Legal Affairs & Cooperation of BNN
Department National Narcotics Board of the Republic of Indonesia
Telephone +62811198484
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