Bi-Regional Virtual Centre for the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


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Jan. 01, 2015 ~ Dec. 31, 2017
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World Wide
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Dec. 31, 2017
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Project Category Consultation by Specialists
Project Purpose & Description The main objective of the Bi Regional Center for SMES Development is oriented towards generating the conditions of cooperation among the countries members of the FOCALAE, with the purpose of sharing experiences, knowing policies and good activities for fomenting and developing SMES and the creation of a focal centers web that support the SMES located in the countries which are members of the FOCALAE so it facilitates them the access of their productions to the international value chains.
Activity Description & Outcome - Approved during the 6th FMM in Bali in 2013 and ratified during the 7th FMM in San José, 2015.
- In 2013 the “Update of the Feasibility Project for the Establishment of a Bi-Regional Center of Development of the SMES” was done.
- Ecuador has constructed a proposal for the web page of the project.
- Preliminary design “Version BETA” of the SME’s Platform
- Elaboration of two inquiries for member states:
o Identification of Focal Points of member states (inquiry sent to Cyber Secretariat)
o Map of the site, in order for countries to establish interest themes.
- Elaboration of a video which summarizes the realized progresses in the implementation of the Platform.
- The management of the Project will be realized through an Inter-ministerial Working Group composed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Industries and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.
- Identification of the Ministry of Foreign Trade as the Ecuadorian Focal Point and manager of the platform.
- The Government of Ecuador will provide the human resources for the implementation and functioning of the Platform in its first phase.
- Ecuador will ask the active participation of the countries for the identification of National Focal Points who will be co-managers of the platform.
Participants Member Countries All FEALAC countries
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Project Contact Point Name FABIAN VALDIVIESO
Department Executive Secretariat to the Ecuadorean Committee to the Pacific Basin -ECUPEC
Telephone 005932 2993200 Ext. 12831
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