FEALAC Film Festival


Country :
Date :
04 Oct 2012 ~ 06 Oct 2012
Venue :
Phnom Penh
Expiration Date :
06 Oct 2012
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Project Purpose & Description The objectives of the FEALAC Film Festival are as follows:"
- To promote mutual understanding between FEALAC member countries"
- To raise public awareness on cooperation and relations between East Asia and Latin America and"
- To show cultures, traditions and ways of life of the people of FEALAC member countries through Cambodian TV Channels.
Activity Description & Outcome The FEALAC Film Festival will take place from 4-6 October 2012:"
- 4 October: Opening Ceremony"
- 5 October: Screening"
- 6 October: Closing Ceremony"
Through this event, we expect many local and international audiences will watch the films provided by FEALAC Member Countries during both opening ceremony and TV showings. They will understand and learn about the culture and tradition of countries in Latin America and East Asia."
In addition, the event will promote tourist through what they have seen in the film such as historic sites, cities, people and touristic places.
Participants Member Countries FEALAC Journalists and FEALAC Representatives
Project Contact Point Name Mr. NONG Sovanra
Position Bureau Chief
Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs
E-mail aseancambodia4@gmail.com
Telephone (855)23 215 541