FEALAC Business Dialogue


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18 Oct 2012 ~ 19 Oct 2012
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Bogota,Colombia Salitre Conventions Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota
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19 Oct 2018
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description As it was proposed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia during her speech in the 5th Ministerial Meeting, this Ministry has started the preparations for the FEALAC Business Meeting. It is planned between the 18th and 20th of October, following to the FEALAC Senior Officials and Working Groups annual meetings. For Colombia, the participation of the governments delegates and the assistance of the business leaders of the FEALAC members are very important, having in mind that this FEALAC Business Meeting has the goal to create a proper space for business dialogue and understanding, knowledge and cooperation between both regions.
Activity Description & Outcome It will be composed of plenary sessions, dialogue table meetings and networking spaces. The Dialogue table meetings are designed to address the main obstacles that have been identified by FEALAC business leaders for Trans-Pacific Trade. The core themes are: 1) Information Gaps between the regions 2) Cultural Distance and 3) Physical Distance. For the plenary sessions, we have identified three topics of interest for both regions, as follows: 1) Global Value Chain trends and current opportunities and challenges to Asian and Latin American enterprises 2) Key investment growth drivers in the FEALAC region and cities of the future and 3) Trends on innovation management and technological transfer.
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Organizations Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Department Bureau for Asia Africa and Oceania
E-mail Fealac.colombia@cancilleria.gov.co
Telephone 571-3814299 ext.1516
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