International Conference: “Strengthening Economic and Cultural Exchanges between the Philippines and Latin America”


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Date :
Mar. 16, 2017 ~ Mar. 17, 2017
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University of Santo Tomas and Ateneo de Manila University
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Mar. 17, 2017
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description The conference explored dimensions of Philippine-Latin American relations within the larger context of Asia, including historical and socio-cultural aspects of relations, with a view to strengthening economic exchange between the Philippines and Latin America. It underlines the importance of mutual understanding as a basis of strong trade relations. Furthermore, the conference aims to identify areas of potentially vibrant exchanges between the Philippines and Latin America, drawing from the experience of other Asian countries.
Activity Description & Outcome The conference program included talks and lectures about the experience of Malaysia and China (Macau) in promoting trade relations with Latin America; current Philippine relations and prospects of Latin American countries with diplomatic representation in the Philippines; trade scenario and prospects; and experiences of select Latin American investors in the Philippines and of Filipino investors in Latin America. Since faculty and students from several universities in Metro Manila participated, the overall aim of raising awareness about the topic and the need for greater familiarity with Latin America was achieved on a moderate level.
Participants Member Countries Philippines, Thailand, China (Macau), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama
Organizations Philippine Academic Consortium for Latin American Studies (with 6 member universities); Philippine Chamber of Commerce, various Philippine universities
Project Contact Point Name Edward Chan
Position Foreign Service Officer
Department Department of Foreign Affairs
Telephone (085) 834 - 3117