Network of Cultural Cities (The First Meeting)


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Date :
28 Apr 2016 ~ 30 Apr 2016
Venue :
Hue City
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30 Apr 2016
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars, Networks
Project Purpose & Description The objective of the First Meeting of the Project “FEALAC Network of Cultural Cities” held in Viet Nam was to enhance cooperation among FEALAC members at local level in in various fields including: culture, sport, tourism and sustainable development, promote exchanges and mutual understanding among people in member countries.
Activity Description & Outcome We exchanged views and agreed on the followings:
1. To reaffirm the importance of culture to sustainable development in general and urban development in particular; the importance of urban heritage preservation in the process of rapid urbanization; acknowledge the need to balance between sustainable development of cities and the preservation of cultural and heritage values; underscore the indispensable role of communities and local people in the conservation and promotion of heritage values in urban areas; share experiences in identity building, city branding and heritage education offered to people and communities.
2. To establish the “FEALAC Network of Cultural Cities” to strengthen mutual understanding, exchanges and cooperation, especially among people living in East Asia and Latin America, contributing to the maintenance of peace and prosperity in the two regions and the world.
3. To adopt the Statue of the FEALAC Network of Cultural Cities.
4. To express gratitude to the Government of Viet Nam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam, the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province, the People’s Committee of Hue city for the excellent arrangement and warm hospitality extended to all delegations attending the First Meeting of the FEALAC Network of Cultural cities in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Hue in conjunction with the vibrant Hue Festival. Pursuant to the adopted Statue, the Meeting declared the City of Hue (Viet Nam) the “Outstanding FEALAC Cultural City” for 02 years from 2016 to 2017.
5. To encourage more cities in East Asia and Latin America to join the FEALAC Network of Cultural Cities.
6. To welcome the city of San Salvador De Jujuy, Argentina to host the Second Meeting of FEALAC Network of Cultural Cities in 2018
Participants Member Countries San Salvador De JuJuy (Argentina); Sao Luis (Brazil); Siem Riep (Cambodia); Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Luang Prabang and Champasak (Laos), Kyoto (Japan), Lishui and Yulin &
Organizations Representatives from ministries and organisations of the Forum for East Asia-Latin American Cooperation (FEALAC): Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (Brunei); Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Indonesia); Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project Contact Point Name Mr. Nghiem Xuan Dong
Position Head of America-Africa Division
Department International Cooperation Department
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