Design of a Planning and Monitoring System


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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description The Secretariat of Science and Technology and Technical Comisions record information of its activities annually in Excell format. This digital process requires a planning and monitoring system that sends automatically notices of information filling and allows consolidation of information. Automatically give all the information validated and can be utilized by variety of tools used in the government included the Secretariat of Planning and Programming. That tool will show all the relevant activities realized by institutions.
Activity Description & Outcome Workshop for the desing of planning and monitoring system for the Secretariat of Science and Technology and Technical Commissions and presentation of systems used by the Korean Government
Participants Member Countries
Organizations SENACYT, Department of Planning, Evaluation and Development
Project Contact Point Name Aldo Lopez
Position Planning, Evaluation and Development Director
Department Planning, Evaluation and Development
Telephone 23172600