[Publication] FEALAC Trends Vol.1 No.1

  • -, 29 Feb 2024

FEALAC Cyber Secretariat is pleased to inform you that FEALAC Trends Vol.1, No.1(2024) has been published, thanks to the support of all member countries.

Please find the attached PDF. FEALAC Trends Vol.1, No.1 can also be downloaded from the FEALAC website under the tab, "Key Publications-Research". Please refer to the following link: https://www.fealac.org/new/document/board.do?sboard_id=research&onepage=100

** FEALAC Trends is a quarterly digital publication highlighting the progress and efforts of our member countries, with a particular focus on our four Working Groups: TITM, CYGS, SPCSDCC, and STIE. It offers a consolidated overview of official press releases published by our 36 member countries concentrated on events and policy changes related to the four Working Group areas. 

  The primary objective of “FEALAC Trends” is to elevate the visibility and awareness among FEALAC member countries by showcasing the achievements and ongoing efforts of each member country. By doing so, we hope to create opportunities for improved understanding and foster future discussions between FEALAC member countries.  Moreover, “FEALAC Trends” aspires to contribute to the overarching goals of FEALAC in achieving more effective and fruitful relations as well as in fostering closer cooperation between our member countries.