Multimodal Public Transport Network


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Project Category Consultation by Specialists
Project Purpose & Description The project consists in the extension of public transport networks in Guatemala City, implementing new modes, higher capacity and technology, with the main purpose of boosting and promoting the economy in the metropolitan area of Guatemala City. Encourage and promote the development possibilities for the inhabitants of Guatemala City and neighboring communities. In this sense, to provide quality of life to people and build a sustainable economy it is necessary to invest in an integrated mobility system, providing efficient, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly services.
Activity Description & Outcome The multimodal transportation system to be implemented in the city of Guatemala is formed by: two lines of cable car (Corridor to the west with a capacity of 12,000 passengers per hour, running in 12 kilometers approximately), expansion of the BRT Transmetro lines and 50 new kilometers bikepath to increase the area of influence of these systems, and completed with the proposal by the Central Government and ANADIE (agency for public private partnerships) for a light rail that will connect the neighboring municipalities and move more than 400,000 users per day from north to south.
Participants Member Countries Guatemala
Organizations Municipality of Guatemala City, Municipality of Mixco, ANADIE, Central Goverrment.
Project Contact Point Name Eddy Leonel Morataya
Position Sub Director of Urban Mobility
Department Municipality of Guatemala City
Telephone +502 50005990