2nd FEALAC Legal Forum


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25 Sep 2015
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25 Sep 2015
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description FEALAC Legal Forum is the legal professional platform which aims to promote the communication and cooperation, strengthen friendship among legal professions in these two regions and expand common ground on major legal issues, democratize international relations and face the new challenges.
It has started a new era of communication and cooperation between legal circles in the two regions and laid a solid foundation for promoting the two areas’ disclosure in taking part in making and modifying global rules, safeguarding common interests in the process of global governance by legal means and guaranteeing sound development in political, economic and cultural fields.
Activity Description & Outcome The 2nd FEALAC Legal Forum was co-held by China Law Society, Shanghai Law Society and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics on September 25th, 2015 in Shanghai, China. The theme of the Forum was “Eastern Asia-Latin America Cooperation in Economics and Trade Law”. During the Forum, experts led discussions around such topics as “Free Trade and Eastern Asia-Latin America Cooperation in Law” and “Legal Issues in the ‘Go Global Strategy’”. More than 80 representatives from legal officers Lawyers, academics and students attended the Forum.
The Forum has opened a new era of better communication and cooperation for legal professions in two regions and laid a solid foundation to give involved countries louder voice in decision-making, protecting common interests to ensure health development in both regions.
Participants Member Countries FEALAC member countries
Organizations Law Associations, Legal Organizations
Project Contact Point Name Gu Zhaomin
Position Director-General
Department Overseas Liaison Department of China Law Society
E-mail contact_cls@163.com, contact_cls@chinalawsociety.com
Telephone +86-10-66510410