FEALAC Youth Summit 2023: Contributions for Climate Actions


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Date :
Jul. 09, 2023 ~ Jul. 13, 2023
Venue :
Bandung, Indonesia
Expiration Date :
Jul. 13, 2023
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Project Category Networks
Project Purpose & Description 1. To foster a greater public awareness regarding the existence and importance of FEALAC, including the use of FEALAC as an Indonesia’s foreign policy instrument in the East Asia and Latin America regions.
2. To follow up Indonesia’s commitment and initiative made in FEALAC Day 2022 i.e. to hold FEALAC Youth Summit 2023 as an avenue for second track diplomacy to stimulate FEALAC’s process through people-to-people contact.
3. To conduct a discourse on climate change and climate actions from young people’s point of views in FEALAC countries, in order to garner best practices and constructive inputs on climate change mitigations, as well as to incite a wider awareness on the impact of climate change to the economy and society
Activity Description & Outcome 1. Elevated public’s awareness on FEALAC.
2. Garnered best practices and constructive inputs on climate change mitigations from young people’s in FEALAC countries point of views.
3. Agreed FEALAC Bandung Youth Declaration on Climate Actions, a youth-driven recommendation on climate action that reflects common concerns, interests, and inputs from FEALAC members that predominantly consist of developing countries.

<Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia>
- https://kemlu.go.id/portal/en/read/4968/berita/fealac-youth-summit-2023-calls-for-greater-collaboration-on-climate-action
- https://kemlu.go.id/portal/en/read/4729/berita/indonesia-engages-east-asian-and-latin-american-youths-to-create-concrete-climate-actions-through-fealac-youth-summit-2023

<CNN Indonesia>
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3sP69eA8og
Participants Member Countries Australia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Japan, Korea, Lao PDR, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, Suriname, Thailand, Venezuela
Organizations Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Government of West Java Province
Project Contact Point Name Afina Burhanuddin
Position Deputy Director
Department American and European Intraregional and Interregional Cooperation
E-mail afina_burhanuddin@kemlu.go.id
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