2023 FEALAC Supporters Program


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Date :
May. , 2023 ~ Sep. , 2023
Venue :
Seoul, Korea
Expiration Date :
Sep. 30, 2023
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description At the 9th Foreign Ministers' Meeting in the Dominican Republic, greater visibility for FEALAC was identified as a key need, as stated in the Declaration on "Strengthening the Institutional Framework of FEALAC". In response, the Republic of Korea and the Cyber Secretariat developed a Public Relations Program aimed at increasing FEALAC's visibility in Korea. These efforts build on the FEALAC Supporters Program that was launched in 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of FEALAC. Comprised mainly of undergraduate and graduate students interested in FEALAC and the two regions, East Asia and Latin America, the FEALAC Supporters have organized various public relations events to introduce FEALAC to the Korean public.

Korea aims to enhance FEALAC's visibility in the country and inform a wider audience about FEALAC's significance for Korea's foreign policy by actively using online platforms. To achieve this goal, Korea and the Cyber Secretariat have established popular social media accounts, such as a blog channel, Instagram, and YouTube, as part of the FEALAC Supporters Program.
Activity Description & Outcome The Supporters have made significant contributions by connecting and communicating with the public in various ways, providing valuable information on FEALAC. Over the course of four years, they have posted over 700 informative articles and created more than 50 YouTube videos about FEALAC and regional issues, generating outstanding reinforcement in the promotion of FEALAC Youth projects of the CYGS Working Group(Culture, Youth, Gender and Sports).

The activities and roles of the FEALAC Supporters are as follows:
▶ Covering the international and public events organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea and FEALAC Cyber Secretariat
▶ On-and off-line activities to promote the visibility of FEALAC
▶ Seminars on international relations, multilateral organizations and regional studies
▶ Creating social media contents for reciprocal cultural exchanges as the FEALAC Supporters
Participants Member Countries University students of FEALAC member countries residing in Korea
Organizations FEALAC Cyber Secretariat
Project Contact Point Name Jae-geum Lim
Position First Secretary
Department Latin American & Caribbean Cooperation Division
E-mail jglim06@mofa.go.kr
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