FEALAC Day 2022

  • Indonesia, 22 Sep 2022

FEALAC Day 2022: LoI Signing Marks Synergy Between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FKMHII

Jakarta, 22 September 2022 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia held the FEALAC Day 2022 in order to observe the establishment of the Forum for East Asia – Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) in 1999. Adopting “Empowering Youth: Reviving Indonesia’s Friends of FEALAC” as this year’s grand theme, FEALAC Day 2022 was held in a hybrid interactive talk show format. 

Moderated by Ms. Andini Effendi, FEALAC Day 2022 was attended by four notable speakers. Each speaker presented their respective countries’ roles of youth and collaboration with other stakeholders under the FEALAC Mechanism. The speakers were Mr. Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of West Java Province; H.E. Mr. Juan Camilo Valencia González, the Ambassador of Colombia for Indonesia; Mr. Seunghyun Han, the Programme Coordinator of the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat; as well as Ms. Dinda Agita Prastiwi, the National Presidium for Regional Coordination I of FKMHII. 

The Director General of American and European Affairs, Mr. Umar Hadi, opened FEALAC Day 2022 by emphasizing the importance for FEALAC to thrive in today’s "new strategic environment”, that provides both challenges and opportunities in order to remain relevant. The Director General also conveyed his appreciation to Mr. Ridwan Kamil, for his contribution towards FEALAC since the Governor was the Mayor of Bandung, especially in his effort to host the FEALAC Youth Conference in 2015 and establish the FEALAC Youth Center in 2018. 

The Governor of West Java Province announced his commitment to support the collaboration between West Java Province and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize the FEALAC Youth Summit in Bandung next year. 

The event’s highlight is the establishment of ‘Friends of FEALAC,’ which aims to become a network of youths supporting governments’ efforts in promoting FEALAC, including through social media and various digital platforms. 

A Letter of Intent as a commitment was signed to strengthen collaboration and partnership between KSIA Amerop and FKMHII, along with the collaboration commitment from the Governor of West Java to organize FEALAC Youth Summit 2023 were the highlights of FEALAC Day 2022

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