2022 FEALAC Supporters Program


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01 Jun 2022 ~ 02 Dec 2022
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02 Dec 2022
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Project Category Short Term Training Course / Internships, Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description During the 9th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Dominican Republic, the Ministers recognized the need for enhancing visibility of FEALAC. In this vein, Republic of Korea and Cyber Secretariat have planned a Public Relations Program that can help advance the visibilities of FEALAC in Korea. The FEALAC Supporters program was first initiated in order to actualize an extensive promotion of FEALAC.
In this sense, the FEALAC supporters program has served as an effective instrument to advertise the importance of cooperation between East Asia and Latin America and to increase the public awareness of FEALAC. FEALAC Supporters, comprised of university students who are interested in FEALAC regions, have carried out numerous public relations events to promote FEALAC to Korean public while publishing articles and videos online to increase the exposure of FEALAC in online platform. The FEALAC Supporters also created new social media accounts that are specifically targeted Korean public and produced items in Korean to facilitate the understanding the relevance of FEALAC.
Activity Description & Outcome There has been an increased relevance and importance of utilizing online platform in the Public Relations. In this sense, Korea hoped that, through the FEALAC Supporters Program, FEALAC can increase its online presence in Korea and that it can reach out to more diverse population about FEALAC’s importance and relevance for Korea’s foreign policy. Especially, by creating popular social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube, it is expected to be served as new medium to connect and communicate with the public. Over the course four years, the FEALAC Supporters have published about 1,000 posts by utilizing the online platforms and created 50 You Tube videos. Such active participation from the FEALAC Supporters has created positive reinforcement in the promotion project of FEALAC.

Additionally, we also hope to support and reinforce the purpose of the International Communication Plan in the Santo Domingo Declaration through this program by promoting and enhancing the visibility of the FEALAC through university students.

* Please refer to the following link for the FEALAC Supporters’ activities
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0q8tVQGsXE504471-JUhdhq26dvuWM7o .
Participants Member Countries Republic of Korea
Organizations Cyber Secretariat
Project Contact Point Name KIM Eunji
Position 3rd Secretary
Department Latin American & Caribbean cooperation division, MOFA korea
E-mail ejkim17@mofa.go.kr
Telephone +82 2 2100 7440
Fax +82 2 2100 7440