Mapping and assessment of water pollution from mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic in FEALAC countries


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Aug 1, 201
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Project Category Consultation by Specialists
Project Purpose & Description Perform an assessment of the presence and concentration of heavy metal values and metalloids into water bodies, specifically mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic in FEALAC countries. The purpose of this is to assess by pilot studies the impact of these pollutants on living beings, environment and strengthen technology transfer, to exposed communities, to assume the measurement tasks, monitoring, mitigation and remediation from the opportunities and capabilities offered by bio and nanotechnology.
Activity Description & Outcome Perform a systematic and concerted mapping of concentration values of metalloids and heavy metals. This will allow develop maps of concentration and risk as well as a study of causal and mobility in pilot sites chosen.
Participants Member Countries FEALAC member countries who agree to participate
Organizations Government of Colombia. Other institutions by the participating countries confirmed.
Project Contact Point Name María Isabel Loaiza C. / Edgar E. González
Position Asian and Oceanian Affairs / Coordinator Cbionano-FEALAC
Department Colciencias’ Internationalization Office
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Telephone 57(1) 6258480. Ext: 5211