“Philippine International Quincentennial Conference (PIQC): The Southeast Asian-Latin American Connection (Session 7)


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Nov. 23, 2021 ~ Nov. 24, 2021
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Online, Manila
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Nov. 24, 2021
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description The two-part webinar, entitled "Southeast Asian-Latin American Connection," is part of the series of online activities under the Philippine International Quincentennial Conference (PIQC), which will run from 20 October until 17 December 2021. The PIQC is a collaborative project of the National Quincentennial Committee (NQC) and 15 other agencies, universities, and professional national historical societies, including the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

The webinar, which will be Session 7 of the PIQC, is a collaboration between the DFA and the Philippine Academic Consortium for Latin American Studies (PACLAS). The webinar is in conjunction with the ongoing Quincentennial celebration of the Philippines and highlights the country's shared culture and history with Latin America thereby further enriching the bilateral relations of the Philippines with Latin American countries.

PACLAS is the first national project of the Philippines established in 2002 under the ambit of FEALAC, which creates a network of academic and research institutes and facilities to foster mutual cooperation in a wide spectrum of endeavor involving Latin American studies.
Activity Description & Outcome Experts from the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico will elaborate on the following topics during the webinar:

23 November 2021 (Tuesday)
Time: 9 PM - 11 PM (PH time)
Moderator: Associate Dean Rene Salvania (University of the East/PACLAS)

1. Dr. Paulina Machuca (Mexico) - “The Philippine Heritage in Mexico: A Continuing History"
2. Dr. Cuauhtémoc Villamar (Mexico) - "The Manila Galleon System: Cultural Change on Both Sides of the Pacific Ocean"
3. Dr. Kristyl Obispado (University of the Philippines/PACLAS) - “Textiles and Other Trade Goods: Spanish America and Asia Pacific Connection in the Sixteenth Century”
4. Dr. Francis Navarro (Ateneo de Manila University/PACLAS) - “Filipinos and other Asians in Peru”

24 November 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 8 PM - 10 PM (PH time)
Moderator: Dr. Christian George C. Francisco (De La Salle University Dasmarinas/PACLAS)

1. Dr. Marya Svetlana T. Camacho (University of Asia and the Pacific/PACLAS) - “Legislating Bridewealth and Brideprice: Making Cross-cultural Connections in the Colonial Hispanic World”
2. Dr. Paulo Roberto Pereira and Dr. Paulo Knauss (Brazil) - “The Stay of Magellan´s Fleet in Rio de Janeiro: Mariners and Natives in Guanabara Bay”
3. Dr. Jaime Rosenblitt (Chile) - "The three levels of triangular trade in the Pacific, 1565-1634"
4. Prof. Ezequiel Ramoneda (Argentina) - “Unlikely Contacts between Southeast Asia and South America. Argentine and Philippine Relations during the XVII and XVIII Centuries (1600 - 1810)”

The webinar will also be livestreamed through the Facebook pages of the DFA (https://www.facebook.com/dfaphl) and NQC (https://www.facebook.com/nqc2021). To participate in this activity, you may register by following this link: https://bit.ly/PIQCSession7
Participants Member Countries Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico
Organizations Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), National Quincentennial Committee (NQC), Philippine Academic Consortium for Latin American Studies (PACLAS)
Project Contact Point Name Gonaranao B. Musor
Position Director for South America and Multilateral Affairs
Department Department of Foreign Affairs (Office of American Affairs)
E-mail oaa.div4@dfa.gov.ph
Telephone +63 8 834 4935
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