Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for Better Connection


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12 Nov 2020
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12 Nov 2020
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description During the 9th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Dominican Republic, the Ministers recognized the need for revitalizing the institutional framework through a more dynamic cooperation and closer coordination amongst its working groups and projects to promote greater visibility of FEALAC1. In this context, the Republic of Korea along with the Cyber Secretariat held the “Voices of Young FEALAC” event, which is the presentation contest participating Korean university students to propose means and strategies to promote better cooperation between two regions and enhance the awareness of FEALAC. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recruited total of 13 teams (each team comprised of 2-3 people) who are interested in the cooperation between East Asia and Latin America, and assigned a theme of “discovering new
ideas for FEALAC’s better connection and its cooperation projects” as a topic for their presentations.

During the contest, participants presented creative and novel ideas for cooperation in diverse fields such as public health, climate change, infrastructure, education, cultural and people to people exchange.
Activity Description & Outcome Total of three presentations were selected as the best ideas of the contest. The first place idea was about the youth engagement initiative, titled “Y-CEP (Youth Civic Engagement Program)”, which involves selecting youth candidates from FEALAC member states and providing relevant educations and shortterm field experiences in FEALAC countries to, in conclusion, present their findings and new FEALAC cooperation projects to relevant FEALAC authorities. Two ideas were chosen as runner-ups. The first of the runner-ups was FEALAC Climate Change Exhibition through Media Arts Technology, where the presenters suggested utilizing media arts to allow for vivid exhibition without having to visit sites to experience the severity of the climate change in member countries of FEALAC. The concept of “FEALAC Youth Academy” was proposed by another runner-up where it emphasized the need for establishing youth network within FEALAC. The proposal includes online courses for young population in FEALAC member states, holding annual Model FEALAC meetings, and periodic exchange of youths amongst FEALAC members.

There has been a growing need for reflecting different voices and fresh ideas, especially those of younger generation, to increase the relevance and visibility of the Forum. In this sense, the Republic of Korea hopes that, by learning their opinions on FEALAC Cooperation, FEALAC can better develop and implement cooperation projects and initiatives in which can be a catalyst for encouraging people’s support and participation in FEALAC’s future activities.
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Organizations FEALAC Cyber Secretariat
Project Contact Point Name Jang Hae-rim
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Department Latin American & Caribbean cooperation division, MOFA korea
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