FEALAC Award 2016/Participation from Asia to Humanoid Robot Racing in IEEE Latin American Robotic Competition


Country :
Date :
Oct. 08, 2016
Venue :
Recife City, Brazil
Expiration Date :
Oct. 08, 2016
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Project Purpose & Description In 2012, Japan proposed to organize a Robot Competition where both Latin America and East Asia participate aiming to stimulate science and technology, academic cooperation and people-to-people exchange.
Government of Japan (GOJ) and IEEE decided to call for the participation from East Asian FEALAC member countries in the category of Humanoid Robot Racing and establish FEALAC Award in the same category in IEEE Latin American Robotic Competition which held in 8-12 of October, 2016 in Centro de Convenciones de Pernambuco (Recife City, Brazil) in order to stimulate students in both regions through the competition.
The deadline of the registration is 15th of July and registration form and all information is in the website below.
Activity Description & Outcome (1) Participation of teams from East Asia to the IEEE Latin American Robotic Competition (Humanoid Robot Racing Category)
- East Asian teams would be comprised of students (Undergraduate, post-graduate and Colleges of Technology) between ages 18-24 whose area of study is related to robotic technology.
(2) Establishment of FEALAC Award
-GOJ will create a FEALAC Award there the winner would be chosen among the Latin American teams participated in Humanoid Robot Racing Category.
-The winner team of FEALAC Award will be invited to Japan to participate in a week program, including site visits and exchanges with Japanese universities and polytechnics.
(3) Side events
-Side events will be held where East Asian teams will interact with the participants and audiences giving presentations on their robots and Q & As. Professor Shimizu would also make a presentation in the IEEE conference held back to back of the Robotic Competition.
Participants Member Countries Students (Undergraduate, post-graduate, colleges of Technology) between ages 18-24 whose area of study is related to robot technology in FEALAC member countries
Organizations Government of Japan and IEEE
Project Contact Point Name Wakana Yamada
Position Officer
Department Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Division, MOFA
E-mail Wakana.yamada@mofa.go.jp
Telephone 81-3-5501-8288