SATREPS: Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development


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Jan. 01, 2019 ~ Dec. 31, 2019
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Dec. 31, 2019
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Project Purpose & Description SATREPS is a Japanese government program that promotes international joint research. Based on the needs of developing countries, the program aims to address global issues and lead to research outcomes of practical benefit to both local and global society.
Activity Description & Outcome In 2019, 8 projects in 6 LAC countries are under way or have completed.
- Hazard Assessment of Large Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Mexican Pacific Coast for Disaster Mitigation (Mexico)
- Development of Aquaponics Combined with Open Culture Adapting to Arid Regions for Sustainable Food Production (Mexico)
- Thermoluminescence Techniques in Geothermal Exploration and Integrated Evaluation System of Geothermal Reservoir (El Salvador)
- Application of State of the Art Technologies to Strengthen Research and Response to Seismic, Volcanic and Tsunami Events, and Enhance Risk Management (Colombia)
- Development and Adoption of Latin American Low-input Rice Production System Through Genetic Improvement and Advanced Field-management Technologies (Colombia)
- Biodiversity conservation in Amazon based on a new concept of "Field Museum" (Brazil)
- Development of Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Methods and Forecast System for Sustainable Aquaculture and Coastal Fisheries in Chile (Chile)
- Strengthening of Resilience in Arid Agro-Ecosystems Vulnerable to Climate Change, Through Research on Plant Resources and Technological Applications(Bolivia)
Participants Member Countries ODA recipient countries
Organizations public sector
Project Contact Point Name Tsubasa Norioka
Position Assistant Director
Department Latin American and Caribbean Affairs Bureau
Telephone +81-3-5501-8288
Fax +81-3-5501-8287