FEALAC Friendship Schools Network


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01 Jan 2016 ~ 31 Dec 2016
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Online Community
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31 Dec 2016
Projects in Implementation View
Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description • The promotion of understanding, knowledge and awareness between the people of East Asia and Latin America are integral for FEALAC to move forward.
• Youth in FEALAC member countries should be encouraged to create networks among themselves.
• Using the existing global networks and technological advancement, FEALAC Friendship Schools Network can be commenced with an initial project at a low cost, but effectively.
• UNESCO has established the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) since 1953. ASPnet is now a global network of 10,000 educational institutions in 181 countries. Member institutions of ASPnet, work in support of international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education in practice. FEALAC can utilize this program to advance bi-regional cooperation.
Activity Description & Outcome - Volunteer secondary school (s) in Thailand in ASPnet will be encouraged to create and serve as the administrator of a “FEALAC Friendship Schools Network (FEALAC FSN)” Facebook community page.
- The administrator shall invite other secondary schools of FEALAC member countries which are already in in ASPnet to be members of the FEALAC FSN Facebook community page.
- The authority in charge of ASPnet in each FEALAC member country shall also promote
the Facebook community page of FEALAC FSN among the ASPnet secondary schools
in their country. Certain school (s) in each country may also be encouraged to be leading school (s) to help invigorate the Facebook community page.
- Different themes may be promoted on the FEALAC FSN Facebook community page at different periods of time to encourage member participation. For example; “Role of New Generation as responsible Global Citizens”, “Far in distance but Near in ties”.
- From the Facebook community page, FEALAC FSN may expand to include Website, physical exchanges of students and teachers between network schools, regional seminars, youth camps, social responsibility activities, etc.
- Schools taking part in the FEALAC FSN can also be extended to the schools outside the ASPnet.
Participants Member Countries All FEALAC Member Countries
Organizations Secondary schools in FEALAC member countries which are already in ASPnet
Project Contact Point Name Preechaya Sinprasert
Position Third Secretary
Department Dept. of American and South Pacific Affairs, MFA Thailand
E-mail fealacthailand@gmail.com
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