Building new Technological Capacities for SMEs


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31 Dec 2019
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Project Category Networks, etc
Project Purpose & Description MINCYT is currently involved in the European Business Network, a program that offers a platform for linking technology-based SMEs and research centers with the aim of developing joint projects, exchanging technology, or applying to European projects and that allows for the inclusion of third countries.
The MINCYT is interested in identifying agencies capable to connect with Singapore´s SMEs in order to focus on their industry and technology needs, to develop specific joint activities through the establishment of an exchange network, emulating the EBN scheme.
Activity Description & Outcome The proposal is to implement the project in three stages:
The First Stage consists on the identification of possible thematic areas for expertise exchange between both parties (Argentinian SMEs and foreign companies)
The Second Stage consists on the identification of specific needs according to the thematic areas of interest for both countries.
Finally, the Third Stage consists of presenting a portfolio of argentine technology capacities to meet the specific demands of the foreign counterpart through institutions such as the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI)
Participants Member Countries Argentina-Singapore
Organizations Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Argentine Republic
Project Contact Point Name Mariano Jordán
Position National Director
Department National Directorate for Institutional Integration and Cooperation
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Telephone (+54 11) 4899-5000 (Ext. 4080)
Fax (+54 11) 4899-5000 (Ext. 4080)