The Integration of Sufficiency Economy for Empowerment on Mobilizing Sustainable Development


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Jun. 11, 2018 ~ Jun. 29, 2018
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Jun. 29, 2018
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Project Category Short Term Training Course / Internships
Project Purpose & Description The Objectives of the Program are:
1. To enhance knowledge and understanding on Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and Sustainable Development, especially, in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) as well as relevant development concepts.
2. To develop the participants’ skill in applying SEP in multi-dimensional areas, namely, economic, social, and environment.
3. To support exchanging experiences on Sustainable Development in multi-dimensional areas among participants in terms of Knowledge Management (KM).
4. To encourage participants to apply knowledge, skill and experience acquired from the training to implement in their countries in terms of operational planning.
Activity Description & Outcome The participants apply knowledge, skills, and experiences from the training to analyze problems or obstacles in the case of their countries while working and formulate action plans for development which cover the content as following;
- Analysis of problems in the context of participants’ countries
- Objective of the action plan
- Goal of the action plan
- Measurement and Project in the action plan
- Indicator of success in the action plan
Participants Member Countries All FEALAC member countries
Organizations Government officials from FEALAC member countries
Project Contact Point Name Bureau of International Cooperation on Human Resource Development
Position Development Cooperation Officer
Department Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Telephone (+66) 2203 5000
Fax (+66) 2143 9327