Forest-based Eco-tourism Management in Thailand


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Feb. 17, 2018 ~ Mar. 13, 2018
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Mar. 13, 2018
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Project Category Short Term Training Course / Internships
Project Purpose & Description The Objectives of the Program are:
1. Understand concept of community-based eco-tourism management and its contribution to sustainable forest conservation.
2. Understand economic, social and environmental implication as well as roles of all stakeholders in forest-based eco-tourism management.
3. Be able to formulate relevant plans and policies applicable to the case of their respective countries.
Activity Description & Outcome This training course covers various topics in community based eco-tourism management and techniques for ecotourism promotion, as well as a number of case studies of forest-based eco-tourism management in Thailand such as;
- Community-based Innovation for Eco-tourism
- Creative Economy and Eco-tourism Innovation
- Ecosystem Rehabilitation for Eco-tourism Management
- Cultural Tourism Innovation
- Community Product Development for Eco-tourism Promotion (OTOP)
- Community-based Eco-tourism Management in Urban Area
- Conservation for Bird Watching Tourism
- Wetland Management for Eco-tourism
- Elephant Conservation for Eco-tourism
- Zoo Management for Eco-tourism
- Wild Animal Management for Eco-tourism
- Marine National Park Management for Eco-tourism
- Mangrove and Seashore Resources Management for Eco-tourism
- Dry land rehabilitation program, and,
- Logistics facilities, garbage and wastewater management for Eco-tourism
Participants Member Countries All FEALAC member countries
Organizations Government officials from FEALAC member countries
Project Contact Point Name Bureau of International Cooperation on Human Resource Development
Position Development Cooperation Officer
Department Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Telephone (+66) 2203 5000
Fax (+66) 2143 9327