Workshops on Drug Law Enforcement Cooperation


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31 Dec 2019
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Project Category Workshops / Seminars
Project Purpose & Description The Objectives of the Program are:
1. To exchange an up-to-date information of drug situation between FEALAC member countries
2. To provide chances for participants to learn and observe drug suppression & interdiction in Thailand
3. To strengthen mutual cooperation in drug suppression between member countries
4. To exchange intelligence on real time drug trafficking syndicates and drug cases
5. To share experience and practices on drug law enforcement and interdiction between Thailand and other member countries
Activity Description & Outcome The Expected Outcomes of the Program are:
1. Participants acknowledge and updated drug situation and best practice on drug control and able to apply to their works
2. A list of focal points and contact persons for international drug suppression cooperation
3. Exchange of drug cases and intelligence
4. The closer cooperation in drug control among member countries
5. Future cooperation or joint operation on drug suppression
6. After the Workshop, participating countries should report the progress OF their works every 4 months to each other by completing the report form and circulating via email of contact person. The report should include:
6.1 Drug situation
6.2 Activities that have been done based on the joint cooperation on drug control among participating countries both bilateral and multilateral cooperation.
6.3 Future plan/activities that plan to be done among participating countries both bilateral and multilateral cooperation. (Calendar)
6.4 Warning of situation or trend of drug trafficking/smuggling or drug related crimes.
Participants Member Countries El Salvador / All FEALAC member countries
Organizations Government officials from FEALAC member countries
Project Contact Point Name Mr. Wuthikiat Chaicharna
Position Development Cooperation Officer
Department Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Telephone (+66) 2203 5000
Fax (+66) 2143 9327