3rd Seminar for FEALAC Young Diplomats


Country :
Date :
10 Sep 2015
Venue :
BEIJING and Qinghai Province
Expiration Date :
10 Sep 2015
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Project Purpose & Description This Seminar aims to help the participants to hold a better understanding of China’s national conditions and policies, while equip the participants with higher effectiveness in China-related work, and promote bilateral communication and cooperation among China , East Asian and Latin American Countries
Activity Description & Outcome 1. Lectures will include topics such as China’s basic national conditions& policies, including China’s History and Culture, Basic National Conditions of Contemporary China, China’s Economy, China’s Foreign Policy and Current International Situation, etc.

2. Field trips.
A. In Beijing, participants will visit governmental sections, as well as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and appreciate traditional folk performances such as Martial Art Show.
B. In Qinghai, participants will visit large enterprises, local featured industries, natural scenery and historical sites, etc.
Participants Member Countries FEALAC member countries
Project Contact Point Name Chen Meng
Position Program Coordinator
Department Foreign Affairs Office, China Foreign Affairs Office
E-mail chenmeng@cfau.edu.cn
Telephone 0086-10-68323341/0086-10-68323243