FEALAC Women Entrepreneurs' Network


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Jan. 01, 2015
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Jan. 01, 2015
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1. The role of women today continues to significantly increase both in terms of financial support for their families and their contribution to overall economic growth.
2. The FEALAC Women Entrepreneurs’ Network will help provide a communicable channel for women entrepreneurs and related agencies of FEALAC member countries to share their best-practices and action plans for promoting women entrepreneurship.
3. Efforts of small and micro economic empowerment for women are considered essential and should not only been performed by the government but also managed by private sector and civil society or women organizations.

To enhance/establish networking between member countries of FEALAC on women entrepreneurship
Possible regional cooperative projects/activities
i.e. organizing workshop on best practices of women empowerment in SME entrepreneurship

Objectives of the workshop:
1) To create a regional forum for FEALAC women entrepreneurs to share information, knowledge and experience on policies, business environment, investment, and socio – political issues and their impacts on business opportunities;
2) To document best practices at FEALAC regional level on empowering small and medium economy for women, especially in terms of credit, marketing, and developing business innovation.
3) To initiate or recommend the establishment of women organizations and FEALAC regional micro credit institution forum in preparing and formulating materials necessary for policy action.
4) To formulate policies and for promoting women entrepreneurship in order to enhance women’s economic empowerment in micro and small enterprises. The results will be reported to other FEALAC Fora
Activity Description & Outcome Proposed outcomes:
• FEALAC Public and Private Network on FEALAC will be formed
• The policy report on promoting women entrepreneurship will be produced.
• Successful cases of women SME entrepreneurs in FEALAC and respective business models will be published.
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