Network of Scientific-Technological Convergence Phase II Nano-Bio


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Project Category Consultation by Specialists
Project Purpose & Description To identify and obtain the commitment of network members for the formulation and initial management of joint projects in the fields of bio-refineries and nanotechnology.
Activity Description & Outcome Result 1. Organizations(10), RD groups(20) and researchers(60), linked to the Network
Result 2. Collaborative R&D projects drawn up, sources of funding identified(4)
Result 3. Thematic networks set up (2)
Result 4. Publication with activities and results from the network (1 physical, 1 virtual)
Result 5. Proposal for Phase II of the Network(1)
Participants Member Countries Colombia, Argentina, Phillippines, Myanmar, others
Organizations Colciencias, Universidad de Cordoba-Argentine...
Project Contact Point Name Juliana Chavez Echeverri
Position Chief
Department Colciencias International Office
Telephone 57 1 625 84 80 ext.5200