Marine research bi-regional cooperation

, Argentina
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Consultation by Specialists

Project Purpose & Description

Within the framework of an official visit that Argentine Minister for Science Technology and Innovative Production Lino Barañao conducted to New Zealand, both countries expressed their interest in cooperating in the area of marine research.
The main idea is to develop a project that aims to exchange research capacities and experiences in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and exploring ways of reciprocal participation of experts.

Activity Description & Outcome

The project will be implemented in two stages:
The first stage consists on the exchange of experiences between the Argentinian “Blue Pampa Initiative” and the past and present experiences of New Zealand in the field of marine research.
Pampa Azul is a strategic scientific research initiative in the Argentine Sea that includes exploration and conservation activities; technological innovation for productive sectors inked to the sea; and scientific dissemination aimed at the general public.
For the second stage, the proposal is to share the experience gained with the other countries in the bi-regional level. This can be done through video conferences, newsletters or any other means deemed suitable.


Participants Table
Member Countries New Zealand – Argentina
Organizations Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Argentine Republic (MINCYT)

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Mariano Jordán
Position National Director
Department National Directorate for Institutional Integration and Cooperation
E-mail /
Telephone (+54 11) 4899-5000 (Ext.: 4080)