Network of service providers associated with the Polo practice

TBC, Argentina
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31 Dec 2017

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Project Purpose & Description

The activity will consist in the creation of a working database of consumers and providers of goods and services associated with the practice of Polo in the Asia and Pacific region and Latin América. Specifically, providers of labor to the collateral specialists required to set up a Polo game from the so called “petiseros” to the veterinarians. The results will be reflected in an electronic document. This database would be the start point to shorten the breach between the Argentine state – of the art professionals and the Polo players of the Asia and Pacific region.

Activity Description & Outcome

The Argentine Polo Association aims ats developing and promoting the professional growth of those involved in the practice of Polo; from veterinarians, blacksmiths, players, the so called “petiseros” (those who take care of the horses) and “talabarteros” (the people who works the leather to make specific tools and products in general like boots, whips, belts or saddles), associated goods providers, etc.
Argentina has an old tradition on these matters and the Argentine Polo Association looks to preserve the knowledge that characterize argentine professionals and to form the new generations that are taking their first steps. All along Argentina there are “polo clusters” aimed to develop specific topics, including schools dedicated to Polo and other associated activities. Given the level of development of the polo practice in some countries in East Asia and Oceania, we look forward to generate a “knowledge and employment opportunities exchange” that helps these professionals reach foreign markets in these countries and promote a fruitful interchange of knowledges.


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Member Countries Argentina and (TBD)
Organizations Argentine Polo Association

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Name Maximiliano Funes
Position Director
Department Institutional Relations
E-mail /
Telephone (+54 11) 4777-6444
Fax (+54 11) 4777-6444