Expertise sharing for the Construction of Affordable and Sustainable Housing for Vulnerable Sectors

Argentina, Argentina
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31 Dec 2019

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Consultation by Specialists

Project Purpose & Description

Bamboo as an ecological agent because: a) using bamboo in the construction industry to replace timber, we take the pressure of the rainforest; b) erosion control: the bamboo greatly reduces rain run-off, preventing massive soil erosion; c) Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than its equivalent of trees. Some bamboos even sequester up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare; d) Bamboo is a high-yield renewable resource; e) There are 1500 species of bamboo on the earth. This diversity makes bamboo adaptable to many environments. It can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-20 years for most soft woods.
Bamboo could be a compromise between economic and ecologic concerns.
The aim of this project is to spread the Bamboo as a natural material for use in the construction industry and housing as a different kind of architecture. Also to work in the transfer of technology so as to learn how to use the raw material and how to extend its useful life for housing purposes. The education and training in all aspect of bamboo production from planting, to building bamboo houses and marketing, is part of this project and will definitely can help to create new jobs in an area of great potential.

Activity Description & Outcome

The first step is to obtain the whole information regarding the Bamboo and its features.
Learn from the experience of working with Bamboo in MERCOSUR and ASEAN. Build a network with: architectural and environmental specialists; international bamboo associations; scientists; Universities and governments. We can also ask the Mercosur Asean Chair to organize education workshops; invite specialists to Argentina and spread the news about bamboo. Work also with international and regional NGOs; international and national higher education and research institutions; private- sector; entrepreneurs. We would like to work together in Argentina with I.N.T.A. (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria) All these actions will bring new and creative solutions that will improve people’s quality of life.
In 2018 there are negotiations with the Embassy of Indonesia in Argentina in order to act as partner in the Province of Jujuy.


Participants Table
Member Countries Argentina and East Asia (TBD)
Organizations MERCOSUR-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (MACC) / Fundación Manos Verdes and a counterpart of East Asia to be determined

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Rodolfo Caffaro Kramer
Position President Mercosur-Asean Chamber of Commerce (MACC)
Department MACC Global
Telephone (+598) 2603-2603
Fax (+598) 2603-2603