Design and Construction of the Center for Science, Technology and Innovation of Guatemala

Guatemala, Guatemala
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Create a center with cutting edge technology infrastructure to address nationaland regional problems in a comprehensive and sustainable manner and thereby creating favorable conditions for the development of the nation, extended to SICA countries (Central America).
Location: The CTI center will be located in the Calzada Atanasio Tzul and 24 Street in Zone 12 attached rustic property for SENACYT under Government Agreement 34-2008 published in the Journal of Central America on January 15, 2008(Official Gazette).
Importantly, the Center will be located adjacent to the headquarters of the National Metrology Center -CENAME-, which oversees issues related to metrology, standardization and quality and the Ministry of Energy and Mines. In this sense, it is considered that the proximity of these bodies will create a physical area that will address needs in science, technology, innovation and quality, creating an infrastructure of quality and excellence for the country.
In addition, the Center is located 300 meters from the University Of San Carlos Of Guatemala (rector of higher education in Guatemala), so it is considered that the location and proximity will strengthen strategic partnerships to develop joint research projects alliances and provide space and equipment to provide self-sustaining world class research services, development and innovationtothe government, academia and private sector institutions.

Activity Description & Outcome

Since 2008 the efforts for the design and construction of a Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in Guatemala began. Approaches with the Department of Property Management of State for the acquisition of land were made. This was seconded for SENACYT in September 24, 2008, by Act 35-2008 issued by the Department of Management and Legalization of the State Property of the Ministry of Finance.
SENACYT therefore has a land for the construction of that center, which is valued at TWENTY-SIX MILLION THREE HUNDRED FIFTEEN THOUSAND AND FIVE QUETZALES WITH SEVENTY THREE CENTS (Q.26,315,955.73), according to assessment made by the Directorate State Property. In 2013 the negotiations for the construction of the Center resumed. A proposal was developed to formalize the negotiations with Korean cooperation, which involves the application of technical cooperation for the prefeasibility and feasibility and financial cooperation for the construction of the center, which was submitted to the Secretariat of Planning and Programming of the Presidency -SEGEPLAN- and the Korean Embassy in Guatemala.
The implementation of the Centre aims to address nationaland regional problems relating to inadequate technological high-level scientific infrastructure in the country and the region, which is characterized by:
• Low investment in research and development (R & D), which currently stands at 0.06% of GDP.
• Lack of interagency and intersectoral coordination
• Lack of interest of the sectors on the importance of science, technology and innovation to address national problems.
• Low participation in consortium projects. The link between sectors is weak. This entails that no transfer of knowledge between different sectors.
• Scarce technology
• Low supply of skilled human capital
• High rate of dependence on patents generated abroad
• Lack of transfer and commercialization of technology


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Name Clarissa Gonzalez
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Department Direction of Cooperation and International Relations
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