Ludic Education Symposium In Comprehensive Sexuality

National Youth Council , Guatemala
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Consultation by Specialists

Project Purpose & Description

High levels of pregnancies in young women in Guatemala (51.890 between 15 to 19 years old in 2013, according to the SIGSA / MOH) reflect aspects:
 A problem that transcends affects health and development, especially in the adolescent and young.
 Lower income and its impact on the well-being for themselves and their family.
 Lack of access to education and sexual and reproductive health (In 2011, 76% of surveys on sexual violence conducted in INACIF were people under 19 years.

Activity Description & Outcome

In response to the prevention of teenage pregnancy from human rights approach equality, ethnic equality, sustainability, information management and knowledge, investment in adolescents and young people with communication campaigns and synergies cost-effective it is necessary.

Teen pregnancy can be prevented to the extent that coordinated actions to expand opportunities and livelihoods for adolescents and youth are made.

The proposal is to have the specific financing playful days that include forums, plays, and other attractive means for transmitting and receiving information based on sexuality education.


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Name Mayda Arroyo, Ruth Menegazzo
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Department Evaluation and Monitoring
Telephone 2498-0800 ext. 107