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National Youth Council , Guatemala
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Project Purpose & Description

The proposal was the first step taken to develop an agenda of work committed to respond to what is considered a problem for a large college student sector.
So a methodological framework that allowed us to produce a framework document, which compiles the general lines of action that should be considered in the relationship between the two entities to support the group was raised.
In short, the document seeks to present an overview of the structural and functional conditions on which this group and its environment develops

Activity Description & Outcome

The development work is done with the aim of raising the transport project for the benefit of students of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, who do not have departmental offices, because during this cycle will be operating from August to November 2016, so the management for its operations during 2017 is necessary.

Poverty levels trigger even more complications to complete a university degree, because although the annual registration of the USAC is accessible to students, they also must incur various expenses and make payments recurrently to fulfill their academic obligations.
The financial situation of Guatemalan families is the main factor affecting young people leave for college and see their dreams of overcoming truncated.

In addition to paying an enrollment of 91 quetzales per year, students have to make a lot of additional costs in transportation, educational materials, and other administrative requirements.

State university should be accessible to everyone, but it really is a higher education center which can be accessed very few sectors of society.


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Member Countries Latin America
Organizations National Youth Council

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Name Alexander de León
Position Chief
Department Youth Participation
Telephone 2498-0800 ext. 110