Rainwater Harvesting for the Northern Region of Guatemala City (Zone 18, 24 and 25)

Guatemala, Guatemala
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Project Purpose & Description

Providing water in remote marginalized communities in the Northern Region of Guatemala City.

The need of provide potable water to the residents of Guatemala City is increasing every day due to the demographic growth and the deterioration of the groundwater systems. The Municipality of Guatemala started the installation of rainwater collection system as a complementary mechanism to provide water in different areas of the City, specifically in public schools. Due to the success of the project, the demand to extend the project to other communities is increasing.
Estimated Cost of the project: US$150,000.00

Activity Description & Outcome

Design and installation of rainwater harvesting systems.
Workshops to train beneficiaries about the maintenance service of the system.
Activities to promote awareness of the importance of responsible use of water resource.

People living in communities of the North Region of the City learn about responsible use of water resource.
Skin and gastrointestinal illnesses will be reduce due to the improving of hygienic habits.


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Organizations Municipality of Guatemala

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Arq. María José Avendaño
Position Director
Department Environment Department
E-mail mavendano@muniguate.com
Telephone 2285-8077