2023 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better TITM Connection

1st Fl./ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea - Main Building, Korea
Date :
Sep. 08, 2023
Expiration Date :
Sep. 08, 2023

Project Category

etc, Idea Contest

Project Purpose & Description

In commemoration of FEALAC Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, in its capacity as the Co-chair of the TITM Working Group (Trade, Investment, Tourism, MSMEs), is hosting the event titled '2023 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better TITM Connection,' in collaboration with the FEALAC Cyber Secretariat. The primary objectives of this event are to hear the voices from the FEALAC youth for revitalizing the cooperative regional initiative between East Asia and Latin America, advance the institutionalization of the TITM Working Group, and nurture the next generation of FEALAC leaders.

This event marks its second occurrence after the previous '2020 Voices of Young FEALAC: Ideas for a Better Connection.' This idea contest is being participated in by FEALAC Supporters, who have dedicated their efforts to enhance the visibility of FEALAC both domestically and internationally, and who have studied a range of cooperative initiatives and cases from FEALAC member countries. Above all, this year holds special value as they strive to identify methods to enhance the TITM cooperation projects for both East Asian and Latin American countries.

Activity Description & Outcome

■ Each team is required to choose a single field from TITM (Trade, Investment, Tourism, and MSME) Working Group, and develop a project idea centered around their chosen field and presenting project proposals for a FEALAC regional initiative. (Please consider that the proposed projects are intended for the FEALAC member countries for East Asia and Latin America. Therefore, suggest a project that allows countries from both regions to collaborate jointly.)

■ Language: Korean or English
■ Duration of presentation: 7-8 minutes
■ Assessment elements: ▴ Understanding of FEALAC, ▴Idea specification and creativity, ▴Expectation effectiveness, ▴Practicability, etc.
■ Two teams are selected for the Grand Prize and Excellence Award each.

■ The cooperative ideas suggested by the FEALAC Supporters will be considered for the FEALAC’s next regional project after assessing their feasibility through a tendering process.


Participants Table
Member Countries Korea
Organizations FEALAC Cyber Secretariat

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Jae-geum Lim
Position First Secretary
Department Latin American & Caribbean Cooperation Division, MOFA(KOREA)
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