ePhyto and Trade modernization

Australia/Argentina/Guatemala, Argentina
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Sep. 20, 2021

Project Category

Workshops / Seminars

Project Purpose & Description

- Enhancement of technical support for GeNS countries in Latin America and Asia/Pacific
- Automatic Treatment monitoring and Traceability cooperation
- Pilot of ePhyto between Argentina and Australia after Australia implements it in Production

Activity Description & Outcome

- Supporting Latin American countries that opt for the Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS). For the moment, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba have expressed interest in the system.
- The Asia-Pacific Region is the most advanced regarding the use of GeNS, and a pilot project is currently being run in countries of the region. A post implementation review is going to be conducted in March 2020, and we propose to participate in that evaluation in order to replicate the experience and lessons learned in a Workshop for the Latin American countries mentioned above.
- Supporting Asian countries to implement ePhyto through hosting a workshop for developing countries. The workshop would deliver training in the use of GeNS and planning to support processes that need to change. At this stage, the workshop would be focused on suitable GeNS countries with limited engagement – likely Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. This workshop will be under the auspices of the Asian Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) and likely in the second half of 2020.
- Another activity, to improve trade modernization, would be visit DA to cooperate in the project of Treatment monitoring automation and Traceability that DA is running.
- ePhyto Pilot between Argentina and Australia after Australia implements ePhyto in Production through the IPPC Hub. The pilot project would include a work plan, piloting the use of ePhyto in borders and a MoU between both countries. We could also evaluate the exchange of Sanitary (veterinarian) certificates through the IPPC Hub. These activities would require face to face meetings to advance the technical aspects.


Participants Table
Member Countries Argentina / Australia
Organizations Senasa / DA

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Walter Alessandrini / Rodrigo Abad / Peter Neimanis
Position Líder de Proyectos Informáticos / Coordinador de certificación fitosanitaria / Director
Department DTI – Senasa / DNPV – Senasa / Department of Agriculture - Plant Export Operations
E-mail walessan@senasa.gob.ar / rabad@senasa.gob.ar / peter.neimanis@agriculture.gov.au
Telephone +54 9 11 69294519 / +61 478 323722
Fax +54 9 11 69294519 / +61 478 323722