26th Course on Mexican Foreign Policy for Latin American And Caribbean Diplomats

Mexico City, Mexico
Date :
Expiration Date :
31 Dec 2021

Project Category

Short Term Training Course / Internships

Project Purpose & Description

Participants wsill achieve knowledge of the principles of Mexico's foreign policy, its historical evolution and its link to national affairs.
Since 1995, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, through its Diplomatic Academy, the Matias Romero Institute, has been organizing a course on Mexican Foreign Policy for Latin American and Caribbean diplomats. For 2020 edition, the course consists of conferences given by renowned academics and senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other areas of the government.

Activity Description & Outcome

The achievements sought-after are:
To provide a comprehensive view of Mexico's contemporary foreign policy and of its challenges and opportunities both bilateral and multilateral, in the political and economic spheres.
To promote the Mexican Foreign Policy basis and its impact in national affairs throughout its history.
To know the practical aspects of cooperation that our country develops, focusing in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean regional development.
To insert them to Mexico's artistic and cultural creativity.


Participants Table
Member Countries Latin American and Caribbean
Organizations All

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Liliana Padilla Rodríguez
Position Deputy General Director
Department Matias Romero Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
E-mail lpadilla@sre.gob.mx
Telephone 5536865167
Fax None