The Integration of Sufficiency Economy for Empowerment on Mobilizing Sustainable Development Community

Thailand, Thailand
Date :
10 Jun 2019 ~ 28 Jun 2019
Expiration Date :
16 Mar 2019

Project Category

Short Term Training Course / Internships

Project Purpose & Description

Thailand is pleased to share the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy (SEP) with all possible partners; countries or international organizations in pursuing which would support SDG 17 to revitalize global partnership for the Goals. In doing this, SEP has been a proven pathway to sustainable development which we share with several FEALAC member countries, namely Cambodia, Chile, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Activity Description & Outcome

Thailand is firmly convinced of SEP application as an effective development model to apply in different contexts of both community and individual level. We welcome more FEALAC member countries to initiate a project of this kind with Thailand.


Participants Table
Member Countries All FEALAC Countries
Organizations Open for all

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Mr. Wuthikiat Chaicharna
Position Development Cooperation Officer
Department Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Telephone +662 203 5000 ext 42708
Fax +6621439330