Cimientos 20th Anniversary, International Forum in Education

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date :
13 Nov 2017
Expiration Date :
13 Nov 2017

Project Category

Workshops / Seminars

Project Purpose & Description

Fundacion Cimientos is an Argentina NGO that works in education since 1997. Its mission is to work with vulnerable children at risk of dropout in order to help them achieve more succesful educational experiences, to increase their possibilities of graduating from high school and to build a better future.
This project aimed to organize an International Forum in Education in order to promote the educational actual debate and celebrate Cimientos 20th anniversary making visible our values. In this occasion it has been working with some embassies in Argentina of countries from East Asia and Oceania.
The project intended to summon international figures that can convey their life story, the value of hard work and overcoming obstacles. Inspiring speakers that can attract the attention of our youth and of the audience in general so that their passing through our country is significant and remembered.

Activity Description & Outcome

Organization of an International Forum in Education that brings together different public personalities, educational referents, opinion leaders and journalists.
Through this forum the principal challenges in education are discussed: educational quality, soft skills development, and high levels of secondary school desertion, school-work transition, and others.
An international speaker whose own life history reflects that education and effort are the principal tools to get over difficulties and develop your own self will be convened to share his or her experience with our youth.
Progress report:

On 13th November 2017, more than 800 youngsters -sponsored by NGO Cimientos -Province and City of Buenos Aires chapters- shared with his mates histories of overcoming obstacles through hard work. The event took place at the Usina del Arte cultural centre in Buenos Aires and was attended by the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Maria Eugenia Vidal and representatives of other Ministries such as Social Development and Culture.
Kelvin Doe, a young man from Sierra Leona, Africa, shared his story, that went from collecting technological waste and reselling it in order help his family to invent an electric generator for his home and neighbours. His story came to be known by a researcher at MIT, who invited him to the United States in order to share his experience wit students and engineers in many american universities
Donors of Cimientos, including private firms representatives, also attended the event.
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Member Countries Argentine Republic
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