Project for sharing experiences with regard to electronic Phytosanitary Certification systems

Argentina, Argentina
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Consultation by Specialists

Project Purpose & Description

An ePhyto system is a computer system through which phytosanitary certificates are prepared and electronically exchanged between National Plant Protection Organizations. “Electronic exchange” means the sending and receiving of ePhytos between two countries.
Given the wide acceptance of the project for the exchange of experiences in electronic phytosanitary certification systems between Latin American and East Asian countries, and considering the need to have a plan for the implementation of such exchange of experiences, the continuation of the proposal is submitted.

Activity Description & Outcome

The proposal is to implement the project in three stages:
The first stage consists of the exchange of experiences between a Latin American country and an East Asian country through missions of technical teams from each country.
For the second stage, the proposal is to share the experience gained with the other countries of the region. This can be done through workshops, video conferences, newsletters or any other means deemed suitable for such purpose. This should alsobe useful to implement potential improvements in National Phytosanitary Certification systems,
apart from electronic exchange. This applies both to Latin American and East Asian countries.
The third stage is achieving implementation at the global level. The previous stages should generate the necessary conditions for the countries to connect to the IPPC hub (exchange standardization at the global level) and for their systems to be fully in line with the scheme proposed by the IPPC.


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Name Ing. Agr. Diego Quiroga
Position National Director
Department National Plant Protection Organization
Telephone +54-11-4121-5091