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Buenos Aires
Date of Entry
03 September 1999
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

National Projects

08 Jul 2017 ~ 13 Sep 2018

Buenos Aires and Canberra


"Exchange of Experiences in Electronic Phytosanitary Certification"

Background: An ePhyto system is a computer system through which phytosanitary certificates are prepared and electronically exchanged between National Plant Protection Organizations. “Electronic exchange” means the sending and receiving of ePhytos between two countries. An ePhyto is the electronic version of a phytosanitary certificate in XML format. All the information contained in a paper phytosanitary certificate is also in the ePhyto. ePhytos can be exchanged electronically between countries or the data printed out on paper. ePhytos are produced in accordance with ISPM 12 including Appendix 1. The adoption of ePhytos facilitates speedy and secure transmission of phytosanitary certificates between trading parties thus eliminating fraudulent certificates. The ePhyto Project aims to facilitate trade through connection to a Hub for exchange plus the Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS) for developing countries. This system will eventually replace phytosanitary certificates in paper and would create opportunities to facilitate phytosanitary exchange in an innovative, cost effective, and globally harmonised electronic environment. It will promote economic growth of participating economies through lower certification costs and enhance trade facilitation. Given the wide acceptance of the project for the exchange of experiences in electronic phytosanitary certification systems between Latin American and East Asian countries, and considering the need to have a plan for the implementation of such exchange of experiences, the continuation of the proposal is submitted. Project purpose: Development of a strong collaborative relationship between Argentina and Australia on ePhyto to deliver key project objectives of: 1. Enhance internal expertise in ePhyto for Argentina and Australia. 2. Establish Argentina and Australia as leading nations for ePhyto within respective regions. 3. Accelerate the implementation of ePhyto in the NPPOs within respective regions. 4. Promote ePhyto through regions via multilateral institutions (eg. FEALAC, APEC and G20)

Focal Point Contact

Eduardo Acevedo Díaz

Director for Asia and Oceania