Strengthening the Cultural Information System of Guatemala

Guatemala , Guatemala
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Project Purpose & Description

Deion: It is an integrated information system, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala, which aims to preserve, promote and disseminate the cultural heritage of the people who cohabit in the country. It use qualitative and quantitative data from different multicultural expressions. This platform allows collecting information of cultural resources in the territory, the equipment and its cartographic distribution.

Purpose: Strengthen Cultural Information System of Guatemala to generate diverse and accurate information to develop diagnostics, guide decision-making, evaluating cultural policies, generate future scenarios, conduct extensive research, describe trends or characterization of populations with access to a good and / or cultural service.

Activity Description & Outcome

Activity: Exchange of experiences on cultural information systems of cooperating entities.

Methodological aspects:
- Establish criteria for creating cultural indicators through the Cultural Information System.
- Support the development of tools (survey type) for the end user for improving the services of the category of Cultural Spaces.

About Computer aspects:
- Helps in generating cultural programming easy to use statistics for the common user
- Contribution to the expansion of the mapping system and georeferencing. For example: Software Arcgis.
- Training staff of the Cultural Information System for the adaptation of new programming languages on the Website (Language jQuery, Java Script, Python).

1. Expand the Network of the Cultural Information System in the validation, socialization and training related to the categories, tools, databases and web portal.
2. Strengthen partnerships, networks and working together through effective dialogue, coordination of forces and socialization of progress and integration of initiatives to ensure the successful development of our National Cultural Information System.


Participants Table
Member Countries Guatemala
Organizations Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Alfredo Trinidad
Position Director
Department Direction of National and International Cooperation
Telephone (502) 2239-5000 ext. 2813 // (502) 5504-5101