Strengthening Food Storage Capacity in the Country

Guatemala, Guatemala
Date :
Aug 2016
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Project Purpose & Description

The National Institute of Agricultural Marketing INDECA was created in 1970 by Decree 101-70 of the Congress of Guatemala, as a decentralized entity of the State, autonomous, with legal personality, its own assets and full capacity to acquire rights and obligations.
From 1986 to 1997, the INDECA reduced its activities in most installations, service execution benefited only 2 of the 38 stations (central and regional Silos Retalhuleu) storage capacity of these was 24,358 tons in silos and 3,021 Tm in warehouses, other stations were obsolete.
For reasons of logistics and legal competition, since March 1997, by Government Agreement 190-97, he was taken to INDECA responsibility for the management of food donated to the Government of Guatemala by the World Food Program and programs -PMA- MAGA food aid.
INDECA currently has 19 own stations, which are being used for WFP food handling and 6 MAGA. The others are available of what the higher authorities decide to support programs or projects that may arise in specific areas. The INDECA current storage capacity in facilities that are being used is 18,297 tons, 13,762 tons divided in deposits and 4,535 in silos. With the implementation of this project INDECA want to increase the storage capacity in silos to 9,000 meters
Specific objectives:
• Improving storage capacities INDECA to provide benefits services (cleaning, drying, fumigation and packaging) of cereals and legumes.
• Having a backup strategy cereals and legumes to minimize food insecurity and emergency relief food shortages by climatic phenomena.
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Activity Description & Outcome

• The adaptation and refurbishment of the silos into disrepair.
• The development of crops of basic grains,
• Ease of technical assistance and credit
• Planning planting
• pricing

INDECA be able to store basic grains in their silos Quetzaltenango up to 9,000 tons, in addition to providing these facilities benefited producers organized groups that require service.
The country of medium-term strategic reserves to enable it to respond to emergencies caused by weather events affecting food security or adverse economic conditions.


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Member Countries Guatemala

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Juan Calderon
Position General Manager
Telephone (502) 6629-7940