Argentine Program for Foreign Junior Diplomats

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina
Date :
Expiration Date :
31 Dec 2021

Project Category

Short Term Training Course / Internships

Project Purpose & Description

The Program seeks to provide in depth knowledge to current and future generations of foreign diplomats about the attributes and potential of the Argentine Republic.

During the 10-day course, participants will explore the key elements of Argentina’s foreign policy and diplomacy, through specialized seminars by leading experts, field trips to places of interest and presentations by the participants themselves, to encourage a high level of interaction among the attendants.

By the end of these two weeks, participants are expected to become familiar with the fundamental principles, actors and institutions that define Argentine diplomatic affairs.

Activity Description & Outcome

The schedule encompasses seminars about Argentine foreign policy offered by high-ranking diplomats and special presentations by officers from public institutions such as the Secretaries of Science and Technology and Tourism, the Argentine Investments Agency and International Trade, INVAP, among others.

These dissertations will cover a wide range of topics of Argentina’s foreign policy:

• Question of the Malvinas Islands
• Science and technology
• Tourism
• Investments and International Trade
• Media and public diplomacy
• Development of complex technological systems

Additionally, in order to encourage discussion and interaction, participants will be invited to offer presentations on their own countries, enabling an interactive and dynamic learning environment.


Participants Table
Member Countries FEALAC countries
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Project Contact Point

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Name Maria Daniela Lescano
Position 1st. Secretary
Department ISEN (Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación -National Foreign Service Institute-), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic
Telephone +5411 4819-8136
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