Natural Disasters Management

Thailand, Thailand
Date :
18 Jun 2018 ~ 06 Jul 2018
Expiration Date :
06 Jul 2018

Project Category

Short Term Training Course / Internships

Project Purpose & Description

The Objectives of the Program are:
This training course aims at sharing Thailand’s experiences in the application of community-based natural disaster management in situations, such as earthquake, tsunami, floods, landslides and sinking holes, both before and after the event. At the end of this course, participants are expected to;

1. Gain knowledge on natural disaster and risk management.
2. Understand how to create network among stakeholders in natural disaster preparedness
and awareness in their countries.
3. Be able to develop relevant plans and policies to improve effectiveness of natural disaster and risk management of their respective countries.

Activity Description & Outcome

This training course covers various topics in natural disaster risk management policies and techniques, as well as its application in different events. The topics of training are such as;
- Overview of natural disaster management in Thailand
- Climatologic Disaster Management in the event of drought, storm and heavy rain, flood and landslide.
- Geologic Disaster Management in the event of earthquake, tsunami, subsidence and sinkhole and coastal erosion.
- LIDAR technology for management
- Natural Disaster Management


Participants Table
Member Countries All FEALAC member countries
Organizations Government officials from FEALAC member countries

Project Contact Point

Project Contact Point Table
Name Bureau of International Cooperation on Human Resource Development
Position Development Cooperation Officer
Department Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA)
Telephone (+66) 2203 5000
Fax (+66) 2143 9327