[2018 FEALAC Youth Summit]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea calls for participation on 2018 FEALAC Youth Summit 

1. Summit Summary

 Date and venue: Aug. 27 (Mon) –30 (Thu) 2018, Seoul (Exact location TBD)
 Official Language: English 
 Theme: Exploring for a New Partnership between East Asia and Latin America in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution
- Sub-theme 1: Enhancing bi-regional Understanding through Public Diplomacy
- Sub-theme 2: Expanding mutually beneficial Economic Cooperation between the two regions

 Main Activities:
- Aug. 27 (Mon): Special Lectures and Welcoming Dinner
- Aug. 28 (Tue): Workshop and Cultural Activity 
- Aug. 29 (Wed): Group Presentations and Model FEALAC Meeting
- Aug. 30 (Thu): Award Ceremony and Closing 

 Participants: 
- ONE university (junior/senior) or graduate student from each FEALAC member country (36 students)
- 36 university (junior/senior) or graduate students from Korea
- Two students will form one team/country (a total of 36 teams); ONE Korean student and ONE from FEALAC member country. 
※ Logistical support (Accommodation, meals, transportation and tourist insurance) will be provided during the course of the Youth summit

 Prizes: 
- Grand Prize: 1,000,000 KRW (1 team)
- Top Excellence Award: 800,000 KRW (1 team)
- Excellence Award: 600,000 KRW (2 teams) 
※ Prizes will be given to the top 4 teams based on the evaluation on participants’ position papers for Model FEALAC and the outcome of group presentations

2. Registration

 Please download the application form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea or FEALAC official website and complete the form 

 Submit the form to cybersecretariat@fealac.org by June 24th 2018 (Sun) 24:00 KST