Projects in Implementation List
26th Course on Mexican Foreign Policy for Latin American And Caribbean Diplomats CYGS Mexico 2020
Difusión de la cultura colombiana a través de la enseñanza del español CYGS Colombia Sep 2020 ~ Nov 2020
ASEAN+FEALAC Seaport Interdiction Workshop SPCSDCC Indonesia 2018
6th "Bridge to the Future" Training Camp for Young Leaders from China and Latin America and the Caribbean SPCSDCC China 2020
3nd China-LAC Local Government Cooperation Forum SPCSDCC China 2020
Argentine Program for Foreign Junior Diplomats STIE Argentina 2021
Campus Global STIE Argentina 2021
ePhyto and Trade modernization TITM Argentina 2021
"Programa Sur" - Translation Support Program CYGS Argentina 2021
Sustainable legacy for EXPO 2023 Buenos Aires, Argentina STIE Argentina 2021